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Bollywood Boman Irani loses 12 kg for Don 2

Actor Boman Irani, 51, is expanding his graph with the much-anticipated sequel to Shah Rukh Khan starrer Don. "Don has become quite a canvas. It's (Don 2) a marvellously mounted, huge film," says Irani, who reprises his role as the antagonist Vardhaan in the Part II."We never thought of Don 2 while we made Don. I hope Don 3 is also made … in fact there should be a Don 3. It's such an adventure making this kind of film," says the actor, who feels playing a baddie is "a big stretch" for him.

The sequel to the 2006 thriller, Don - The Chase Begins, which was a modern day adaptation of the  Amitabh Bachchan starrer Don (1978), the film will see Irani's character get a twist.
"Vardhaan is cold, cunning and deceitful. We wanted him to look more evil and menacing now. So I grew a beard for that one," he says, before revealing he also had to lose weight for the flick."I lost about 12 kgs for the role. I lost about 8-9 kgs for Don 1, …

Stress between Shahrukh and Anubhav on RA.ONE?

As it happens with all big films when there are talks about tension between the director and the actor around 'creative inputs', RA.ONE too has presumably gone through the same route. While Anubhav has maintained a brave front here, there have been speculations galore around his working equation with Shahrukh ever since the film went on floors. A 'no comments' stance from either of the two only ignited the rumours further. One wonders whether Anubhav would continue to maintain silence or is willing to share his thought around this.

"Koi theek se poochega toh apna thought bataoonga naa? Most of the people who ask me just want to make a controversy out of it," Anubhav is willing to share a laugh here, "As you can see I am visibly quite happy. Shahrukh and I have enjoyed a four year long association and we know the kind of personal and professional equation that we share."

However there have been constant rumours around Shahrukh being the …

Shah Rukh Khan's 'Ra.One' has controversial plotline

The first Indian sci-fi movie, "Ra.One" is based on gaming, bad guys and super heroes. Shah Rukh Khan, who is the leading actor of the movie, is playing the role of a gaming freak who falls in love with Kareena Kapoor.Shah Rukh KhanUnfortunatley, now when the movie is close to completion, it turns out that Ajay Devgan's home production "Toonpur Ka Superhero" featuring Ajay with Kajol has almost the same plotline.Ajay DevganIn the storyline of "Toonpur ka Superhero", Ajay has a young son, who wants his dad to be a superhero. In order to prove himself a hero in his son's eyes, Ajay decides to vanish into the boy's favorite cartoon world.In "RA.One" too, Shah Rukh plays a married man with a son, who is of the same age as the child in "Toonpur Ka Superhero" who thinks his dad is too wimpy to be a true hero. Therefore, to prove himself a hero, Shah Rukh Khan enters into a video game called "RA.One".Now the ques…

Shahrukh Khan spotted with lucky charms a Coral ring and string of beads

Shahrukh 'Badshah' Khan who is busy now-a-days with his IPL team KKR and his upcoming movie Ra.One was recently spotted wearing a coral ring along with a gold band on his right hand ring finger and a strings of beads. SRK is the co-owner of Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and speculations are there that all these rings and beads are part of his superstition for the success of KKR, which seems to work for him as the team is performing extremely well as compared to last IPL season.This is not the first time that SRK has been wearing all this before he was wearing an emerald ring in his right hand as wife Gauri asked him to do so after consulting to the astrologer. Khan is said to bring these beads from dargah in Ajmer to keep evil away, where he recently visited to offer prayers on death anniversary of his mother. Though the source near to SRK said that Badshah Khan has never been into superstitions and does not believes in all this. Things which he is wearing had bee…

Shah Rukh mania grips Delhiites at Ferozeshah Kotla

Kolkata Knight Riders' owner Shah Rukh Khan on Thursday stole the show as spectators jostled for a glimpse of the Bollywood superstar during his team's IPL match against Delhi Daredevils.

Shah Rukh got a rousing reception from the near capacity crowd at the Ferozeshah Kotla stadium as he entered the owner's arena near the team's dugout zone.

It was a sultry summer night and the temperature soared with the arrival of Shah Rukh. The actor's presence left the spectators jostling for space to feast their eyes on the superstar.

Shah Rukh, in his usual charming manner, blew kisses on the air towards the crowd, and won their hearts.

KKR batsman Manoj Tiwary welcomed his team owner with a huge six as he smashed a full toss off Ajit Agarkar over deep square leg.

Wearing a black tee and light denims, Shah Rukh was seen with his friend Vivek Khushlani at the owner's pad.

Delhi boy but KKR skipper Gautam Gambhir also got a warm welcome from the crowd.

Shah Rukh…

Shah Rukh Khan is not superstitious

All through the IPL, Shah Rukh Khan has been sporting rings and a string of beads that have fuelled speculation that he's wearing them for good health and for luck for his IPL team.

However, during SRK's Thursday visit to Delhi, for the match between his Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Daredevils, TOI learnt that there is no superstitious streak in King Khan.

A source close to the actor insists, "He has never been a believer of these things. The problem occurs when he is gifted such things by friends and relatives. Phir woh pehen leta hai, so that they are not offended or hurt. Shah Rukh doesn't like to hurt anybody's sentiments, especially when they are wishing him well and are praying for him. And no, his wife Gauri has not gifted him that emerald ring, as reported."  

When in Delhi to cheer his victorious team, Shah Rukh, says the source, was confident from the beginning that they were going to win. "He was sounding very happy and stress…

SRK keeps a safe distance

Wonder what's stopping Shah Rukh Khan from promoting a 76-minute film under his banner. Call it the pressure of wrapping up his most ambitious project ever (Ra. One), getting plans in place for his home production (Always Kabhi Kabhi) or sheer aversion to the latest production from his company, Shah Rukh seems to have distanced himself from Men Will Be Men. King Khan, who is known for his marketing strategies and having a sharp business acumen, has shockingly stayed away from any promotions for this film. Men Will Be Men is a 76-minute film under SRK's banner which is due for release this Friday. Considering all the hype he generates around his films, it is quite surprising to see him not talk about it. "It is seeing a totally silent release and no one has any clue what the film is all about. Why Shah Rukh is keeping a distance from his own film is indeed quite puzzling. For someone who started the trend of going all out for his films since the days of Don …

Shah Rukh Khan’s 12 Hour Marathon

He's a workaholic who can work round the clock to get his job done. So it comes as no surprise to hear that Shah Rukh Khan shot for 12 hours for a shaving cream advertisement.And not just act in the commercial, SRK had to shave almost seven times and wrap up a photoshoot for the ad! But it had its perks as the King Khan also had to spar with three gorgeous Ninja girls in his RA.One style! Similar to his upcoming superhero film, the ad has a lot of visual effects which have been used to create five Shah Rukh Khans in one frame.Shah Rukh is known to work hard on all his films, including the shooting of 'RA.One' last year during which he not only worked on the film but also attended IPL matches, partied hard and conducted business meetings abroad. It's not unusual for the star to go on for days with just a few hours of precious sleep.

Ra.One director's laptop goes missing

A laptop containing vital data went missing on the sets of 'Ra.One' leaving the director traumatisedDuring a recent shoot for Ra.One, director Anubhav Sinha was a bundle of nerves when he discovered that he had lost his laptop, which contained important data of the film.

Shooting was stopped and the entire crew began searching for it. To Sinha's relief, it was found much later.

The director recounts: "We were shooting at Yashraj and my laptop was kept in my room. I told my boy to get it for me.

He returned to say it wasn't in my room. I told him that I handed it over to him to keep in the room, so where was it?"

He adds, "I got so worked up that I shouted at the poor guy. He went to check agains. It wasn't there. I freaked. Losing the laptop meant losing important data from the film, the music, scenes and so forth. So the entire crew started looking for my laptop.

Even Shah Rukh  kept inquiring if I found it or not. We all were worried about the…

Anubhav Sinha refuses to shoot with SRK

Not many would turn down an offer to share screen space with Shah Rukh Khan. But that's exactly what filmmaker Anubhav Sinha did during the shooting of Chammak chalo…, a song picturised on Kareena Kapoor at Yash Raj Studios for RA.One. Khan wanted Sinha to make a fleeting appearance in the song from his upcoming production.

During the shoot, Anubhav overheard Khan trying to pick a suit from half a dozen costumes. But it was when he overheard Khan saying, "This colour will look good on Anubhav", that he realised he was being duped into making an appearance."In no time, I had five to six people trying to convince me to do the shoot. And Shah Rukh was also telling me, 'Anubhav, don't worry. Bahut mazaa aayega… (it will be great fun)' But I'm a very bad actor. I can't stand in front of camera to save my life. Many will give their right arm to be in the frame with Shah Rukh, but I won't let anything spoil the frame he is in, not even mys…

RA ONE – Shahrukh Khan is Back

Enjoy the first look of the most awaited film this year -- check out Shahrukh in the super-hero flick- RA.One . Releasing this Diwali. Shah Rukh Khan's 'Ra.One' is one of the most anticipated films of 2011. Buzz has it that 'Ra.One' has just got bigger and better for the film could make a big splash at the Box Office this Diwali as the actor-producer plans to release it in 3D format.Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who has donned the garb of a superhero in "Ra.One", says his new film is dedicated to all the fathers in the world."Ra.One is a simple story of a father and a son. There have been a lot of movies and songs dedicated to mothers but unfortunately, fathers are ignored. I being a father myself and a part of cinema, decided to give them all some space through my film," Shah Rukh told reporters here Sunday."The film is dedicated to all the fathers in the world. I hope this film will help bring fathers at the fro…

I want to emulate SRK: Manish Tulsiyani

Despite being from a small town of Bikaner, Rajasthan, this new kid on the block on television, Manish Tulsiyani, has bigger aspirations and dreams.

Having bagged the lead role in one of the TV shows " Chhajje-Chhajje Ka Pyar", Manish says that his dream is somewhat realised. "But I still have a long way to go. I have been in Mumbai since last three years and trying to make a mark in the entertainment industry. Since my childhood, I had a dream of becoming famous. My father has a textile business and he wanted me to join his business and support him. But I had other ideas," says Manish.

The young actor feels fortunate to have grabbed a lead role in a TV show so early in his career. "There are a lot of people who come to Mumbai to do acting and make a mark in either films or television. But veryu few succeed. At least, by God's grace, I have managed to get a start and hopefully, things will only improve from here on," he says.

Now that M…

SRK's looking for luck!

SRK had been wearing an emerald ring on his little finger since December last year. His wife Gauri had reportedly gifted it to him. All of a sudden he is now sporting a red coral ring given to him by a priest at the Moinuddin Chisti Dargah at Ajmer Sharif which he recently visited on his mother's death anniversary. Worn on the ring finger, this is supposed to keep the actor hale and hearty. While emerald is commonly believed to bring good luck and wealth, red coral is generally worn for health. So, now we all know how the King Khan gets to be both healthy and wealthy, don't we?

Eight pack abs for SRK

Shah Rukh Khan is back at working out hard...

Actor Shah Rukh Khan is gung ho about his movie Ra.One, so much so that the actor plans to internalise all the qualities sported by the character he plays. To play a superhero, SRK thinks he should look like a superhero for starters.

His superhero costume wears him down, but SRK at the same time, is working hard to become strong. In fact, if he sported 6-pack abs in Om Shanti Om, Shah Rukh plans to surpass this and is actually working on procuring 8-pack abs.

"Shah Rukh is being extremely particular about his workouts and eating right. He is working out hard, and may soon have the best physique in the industry. It's no wonder that he has agreed to take off his T-shirt if his team wins the IPL," says a unit member working on Ra.One.


SRK assures a better body in Ra.One

]Home » Channels » Showbiz » Bollywood SRK assures a better body in Ra.One April 25, 2011 Tags: aaa Share print Shah Rukh Khan's six packs became a talking point three years ago in Om Shanti Om. And now, they are back in the news again with Prashant Sawant, Shah Rukh's trainer who made this possible, assuring an even bigger surprise in Anubhav Sinha's superhero flick, Ra.One.He divulges, "Shah Rukh has a better body than he had during OSO. Shah Rukh gave me the brief that he wanted to look more muscular than the way he did in OSO because in Ra.One he is a superhero. So the body has to be built like that." A visibly excited Prashant claims, "You have already seen the promos and he has got a very good response for the way his body looks."But attaining this body was not an easy task. Prashant recalls, "It took almost six-seven months of workouts to get Shah Rukh into the suit designed for him." Prashant gives full credit to S…

St Stephen girl is script writer for SRK's Ra.One

St Stephen college graduate Kanika Dhillon's story was clichéd – girl from Amritsar comes to Delhi college for graduation, heads to UK ( London School of Economics) for further education and then lands a plum job in an MNC.

Everything was as 'normal' as it could be, except that Kanika hated the word 'normal'. She'd had Bollywood aspirations since she was 17, but her parents wanted her to finish conventional education first. As soon as Kanika finished her degree in the UK, she picked the phone, called her parents and told them that she's headed to Mumbai. Now, five years later, she is the Creative Content Head at Shah Rukh Khan's Red Chilies Entertainment, and is also one of the script writers for his next magnum opus "Ra. One". Excerpts from a chat:

How did your parents react when you came to Mumbai?
They didn't entertain the idea of me going to Bollywood and asked me to finish my education first. So, when I finally called the…

SRK and I have great on-screen chemistry: Arjun Rampal

Arjun Rampal, who plays RA.One in Anubhav Sinha's superhero fantasy of the same name, says that he's extremely excited about performing stunts on his own. "The action sequences look fantastic. I've worked hard and enjoyed doing all the stunts by myself," he beams.

The actor, who re-shot to fame with Housefull and Raajneeti last year, has been closely involved with the film's post-production too, ensuring that he spends a couple of hours whenever possible with the technical team working on it.  

The National-Award winner is quite fond of super hero films. "Batman in The Dark Night is an all-time favourite. Unlike other superheroes, he's human, born without super powers," says Arjun. "I think it's cooler to be human with some flashy gadgets that help save the world."

When asked if his character in RA.One is anything like Batman or Superman, without divulging any details, he says, "RA.One has super powers. I can't sp…

'Ra. One' is progressing 24X7

It is a known fact that 'Ra. One' requires extensive post production as it is pretty heavy on VFX. So much so that quite a lot of outsourcing has happened to various companies that are located not just in USA and India but also London, Paris, China and Bangkok."Though Shahrukh has an in-house VFX division in his production house, he is not relying on that alone to get all the results. In fact when most films would be content to have just one company, whether in India or abroad, to work on the visual effects, 'Ra. One' has gone much beyond", informs a source close to the actor.No wonder, film's director Anubhav Sinha is still trying to adjust himself to an all-day job where he is required to work with technicians from countries spread all across the time zones."While first half of my day goes onto editing and visuals effects, second half has me working on the background score," says Anubhav, "Then in the night I have online meetin…

All eyes on SRK

High, Low and everything in between... tracing the many moods of Shah Rukh Khan through the first four matches at the Eden in IPL 2011BEAT DECCAN CHARGERKolkata Knight Riders won their first home match — against the Deccan Chargers — on April 11 but why wasn't Shah Rukh excited? Was it the lack of local support as the half-empty stadium seemed to scream out? SRK did talk about controversies (read: Sourav) getting to him, but a win was a win. Having lost to Chennai in the opening away game, this was the first victory for Gautam Gambhir's freshly-baked team. With co-owner (the ever-smiling) Juhi Chawla by his side, SRK quietly walked out into the presentation area and waved to the sprinkling of supporters who had stayed back in the stands. "We owe it to Calcutta, the team is their team," he said, urging Calcutta to come and support KKR on home turf.BEAT RAJASTHAN …

Shahrukh Khan stopped Tweeting as people have agenda with their words

As we all know that Shahrukh Khan has been avoiding the Twitter like a plague after a lot of things went wrong in his personal life and apparently relationships also soured over a few comments. Thus he decided to swear off the networking site for good. However, when recently he was asked about it in an interview, he said that since people always have agenda to their words he decide to walk away. Shahrukh Khan is also happy with the way things have turned up for Kolkata Knight Riders and he hopes that this time his team would surely take the coveted cup Home. In the interview to Times of India, when asked as to why controversies have been a part of the franchise SRK was very diplomatic. He said that given the profile of the Franchise this is bound to happen and that he remains unfazed by the controversies.The actor was however upset regarding the fact that things did not work out between the team and Sourav Ganguly and he was happy with the way that the team is working t…

Shahrukh promotes Matrix Forex Card

It's a booming time for the Bollywoodsuperstar Shahrukh Khan, as his Kolkata Knight Riders team is full of zeal during this ongoing IPL 4 season.Not only this, SRK, who is on a three-month break from Bollywood to be with his team, will now be seen on a currency card called Matrix Forex Card that is being launched by KKR's main sponsor, Matrix.Talking about the commercial, director Kabir Sadanand of Frog unlimited said, "Given Matrix and SRK's connect with the Indian Premier League we have woven in the cricket angle into these commercials. The first one has Shahrukh and some of the KKR players and the second is with the team alone.""Shahukh is projected as a cool dude who is smart about his money and shows others how to handle it well," he added.Gitanjali is KKR's latest sponsor
Adding to the already long list of sponsors for KKR, Shahrukh Khan and the Gitanjali Group made a public announcement of joining hands on Friday.
Present with his entire te…

Don’t think it was a revenge, says SRK

Chris Gayle might have chosen his former team Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) for his brutal onslaught, at the Eden Gardens, but KKR co-owner Shah Rukh Khan lavished praise on the Jamaican opener on Friday.

"Gayle has played really well. His was an exceptional innings," he said, on the sidelines of a promotional after the match. "But, I don't consider that he took revenge on us or anything. He is a great player and I wish him the best," he added.

The mega-star is overwhelmed by the way the home crowd is supporting his team. A nearly-packed stadium cheered for the Kolkata Knight Riders at the Eden on Friday.

"The way the crowd is cheering for us is simply mind-blowing. The fact that the team is getting home support is really heart-warming," he said

KKR have suddenly hit a slump after a hattrick of victories. But Shah Rukh is optimistic about his team making the last four.

"It's little disappointing losing two matches on the trot, but I don't thin…

Meet Shah Rukh Khan's Lucky Mascot

Shah Rukh Khan adds one more to his entourage. While his regular actor buddies are accompanying him to all the Indian Premier League matches his team the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) play, entrepreneur-turned-actor Sachiin Joshi now joins that exclusive list.

A source said, "SRK and Sachiin have been great friends for some time now. He was present at all the matches KKR played last year. But this year, shooting commitments kept him away. When Sachiin ventured into the energy drink market, it was Shah Rukh who helped him launch it. The young man is making his B-Town acting debut with a thriller titled Aazaan and SRK has been a great support."

Sachiin said, "I know Shah Rukh through common friends. He has been supporting my brand as a friend though we have no official contract with him as the brand ambassador. It was generous of him to launch the product. I am fortunate to get an invite from him to attend his KKR matches. He is a great man to know!"


SRK upset, as Knight Riders lose to Kochi

The Tuskers came stomping at Eden Gardens and created quite a stampede, steamrolling the Knights, stopping them short in their victory march on Wednesday.

Surprisingly, Team Kochi had a lot of supporters present at Eden. Seen on the stands were the hot Sen sisters, Riya and Raima, and Shah Rukh Khan with kids Aryan and Suhana. Former Indian skipper Mohammad Azharuddin also dropped in to catch the match.

Wearing similar tees with 'Dada' and 'SRK' printed on the back, were friends and supporters Avishek, Bithi, Rup, Tanmoy and Sanju. "We know that Dada and SRK are not together but we are optimistic that some day they will again come together to create magic," said Avishek. Also present were some students from IIM Calcutta. However, after the home team lost to Team Kochi on home turf, SRK was seen standing alone on the grounds before the presentation

ceremony. "It is part of the game and Gambhir's boys have been performing quite well t…

Shahrukh Khan arrive from Kolkata after KKR win

Shahrukh Khan arrive from Kolkata after KKR win

Shahrukh sings ‘Bheege Hont Tere’ for KKR

The Baadshah of Bollywood and celebrity co-owner of Kolkata Knight Riders, Shahrukh Khan was on cloud nine when his IPL team won the match against Rajasthan Royals on Sunday, at Eden Gardens.

To celebrate the victory of his team, King Khan organized a bash for KKR in Kolkata. Opportunely, crooner Kunal Ganjawala was also in Kolkata on the D-day and he too was invited by SRK for the party.

Known for his magnetic persona and exceptional ways of entertaining, Shahrukh bowled over everyone at the party by singing 'Bheege Hont Tere', the moment singer Kunal turned up at the party venue.

In a conversation with the media, a source said, "Kunal was in Kolkata when SRK threw the party and he invited him. But little did Kunal know that a surprise awaits him. Kunal's song Bheege Hoth Tere is one of his most popular numbers and as soon as he entered the party, SRK greeted him by singing the song himself".

Shahrukh was so elated about his team's success that he didn't min…

It was great working with SRK: Akon

The Senalese-American pop star, who will be performing at Gurgaon's Huda Grounds on Saturday — also his 38th birthday — can't stop singing praises for actor Shah Rukh Khan for letting him sing a track in Ra.One. "It was a great experience working with Shah Rukh, and we have become good friends," says the singer-rapper. Ask him if that means Indian films are on the cards, and he says, "One day, if the opportunity presents itself, I'd welcome the chance to star in a Bollywood film!"

Meanwhile, he doesn't mind starring Indian girls in his videos. "Of course (I'm open to it), India has the most beautiful girls in the world," he raves. Prod him for names and ask him if Priyanka Chopra, whom he has met, is one of them, and he plays safe. "Well, not sure. Bollywood is full of so many beautiful women!"

The singer, whose India tour is being organised by Suniel Shetty's NGO and Netsurf Entertainment, says he loves all th…

SRK to take off his shirt if his IPL team reaches the final

Shah Rukh Khan will take off his shirt to show off his abs if his team, the Kolkata Knight Riders, makes it to the Indian Premier League final. "If we reach the final at Chennai, I will take off my shirt, fluff it in the air, and show my six-pack abs... or may be eight-pack abs," King Khan  said after KKR beat Rajasthan Royals. King Khan may be back to his grand IPL team owner ways, but isn't it Salman Khan who is known to remove his shirt?


Gauri Khan threw a party on Sunday night to celebrate hubby Shah Rukh Khan's team's victory over Shilpa Shetty's Rajasthan Royals. The usual Khan friends were there including Kajal Anand, Maheep Kapoor, Hrithik and Sussanne Roshan, Seema Khan, Vikram Phadnis, Bhavna Pandey and Raveena Tandon. With KKR on a winning streak, Missus Khan will be one party-hearty woman.


SRK-Juhi to develop cricket stadium

Juhi Chawla, hubby Jai Mehta join hands with Shah Rukh Khan to develop a cricket stadium in Porbandar

Juhi Chawla and her husband Jai Mehta along with Shah Rukh Khan have launched an ambitious plan to build a cricket stadium in Porbandar, Gujarat.

The reason why Mahatma Gandhi's birthplace has been selected is because Jai's family has roots there as well.
The Kolkata Knight Riders owners plan to take over the existing Duleep cricket ground in the city and build a state-of-the-art stadium to be named after Nanji Kalidas Mehta -- Jai's grandfather -- in its  place. The Mehtas also have other business interests in the vicinity of Porbandar.

Apart from adding another venue to Gujarat's cricket itinerary, it is also being viewed as a centre where the KKR team can have training camps.

Says a source, "The local district cricket association and Mehta Sports Private Limited recently inked a deal to build the Nanji Kalidas Mehta stadium at a cost of almost Rs 10 cror…

Shah Rukh is busy celebrating

As the Knights scored another victory, beating Team Jaipur to a pulp, Tollywood celebs turned up at Eden Gardens and enjoyed every bit of the cricket. 
And then, there was Shah Rukh Khan who, after the match, tried his hand at the bat and ball. There was an instance when the bat flew out of his hands leading him to say, in his usual manner, "The wicket condition is good but the hand condition is sweaty." Cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar also took a swing with the willow. Shane Warne, too, bowled to King Khan. Our gals from Tolly were over the moon, feasting their eyes on hunks on the field. "I am crazy about Shah Rukh and more than cricket, my day was made after I saw him playing," said Manali, who had come with her friends for the match. For Koneenica, SRK wasn't the only stud. "I was not starstruck about SRK, but my heart stopped each time I saw Brett Lee." Wow, we say!

SRK has no time for friends like me: Juhi

Though Juhi and SRK have remained friends through thick and thin, King Khan doesn't seem to have time for her anymore. The actors have been close since the good old days of Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman and have acted together in many more films like, Darr, Duplicate and Yes Boss among others and have been a hit pair in Bollywood.Though they teamed up to open their own production house and made films like Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani, the partnership didn't work out. The actress revealed to the tabloid, "I think Shah Rukh and I have remained friends because we stopped being business partners. I realise it's impossible to mix business with friendship".Getting candid about their friendship, she revealed how SRK was with her at the time when she needed him the most, "When I lost my mother in Prague while shooting for Duplicate in 1998, Shah Rukh was there right beside me like a pillar of strength."Not one to let work come in the way of their friendship, t…

SRK takes three-months leave from shooting for KKR

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan Sunday said he had taken a three-month vacation from shooting to be with his Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) team which is in fine fettle in the fourth edition of the Indian Premier League.'I have taken a 3-month off from my shooting schedule. I want to stick with this young team and win and enjoy after every win,' said SRK. After KKR clinched their third consecutive win in the tournament Sunday, Shahrukh seemed exuberant. 'It really feels great that the senior guys are holding together the entire team. I have just come back from Ajmer sharif. I am praying more and more for the team.'It feels nice that young kids are playing really well and the entire wins are coming together. Hopefully, we will continue this,' said Shah Rukh, who took a victory lap after his team hammered Rajasthan Royals by eight wickets.He also expressed his disappointment over various reports during the last three IPL editions which had partially blamed him for th…

SRK confident of new Kolkata Knight Riders

IPL team, captained by Gautam Gambhir, indeed looks a stronger side than the previous ones
He may have been at the receiving end of flak for not including Kolkata's homeboy Sourav Ganguly in the team, but Shahrukh Khan is pretty confident that the revamped Kolkata Knight Riders will perform much better than KKR teams in previous three seasons of the IPL tournament.The team, helmed by Gautam Gambhir, indeed looks a stronger side than the previous ones. Its opening match with last year's champs Chennai Super Kings went down to the wire and some might say that KKR would have won the game had they not self-destructed themselves.On Monday, Shahrukh Khan at last got a reason to cheer up as his team recorded its first win in IPL 4 against Deccan Chargers, the winners of the second IPL. Quite heartily, KKR posted a total of 163 on board (highest total so far in this tournament). The win was particularly special as it came at Eden Gardens in Kolkata where the crowd was lesser…

Shah Rukh tweaks line after KKR's win

Knight Riders' return to winning ways has prompted co-owner Shah Rukh Khan to sing a different tuneWith his new-look team discovering a winning narrative, the Badshah of Bollywood feels his famous dialogue needs a bit of tweak too.

Kolkata Knight Riders celebrate the dismissal of Deccan Chargers' Bharat Chipli at the Eden Gardens on Monday. PIC/AFP"Haar ke jeetne walon ko baazigar kehte hain (they call him a gambler who loses to win) ... I don't believe in this line anymore. We will change that now. Ham log jeetke aapne aap ko baazigar kahenge (We will win and call ourselves gamblers)," Shah Rukh Khan told the players at a party on Monday night to celebrate a rare win for the Kolkata Knight Riders.

KKR, a new look team following this year's fresh players' auction, defeated Deccan Chargers by nine runs at the Eden Gardens on Monday, their first win of the season in two matches.

The victory prompted Shah Rukh to throw a gala party for the players in…

Aamir moves away from SRK

Plans have changed for the actors who were going to come together in Christmas this year...
Actors Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan were all set to clash at the box office on Christmas this year, with the release of Don 2 and Reema Kagti's yet-to-be-titled Aamir-starrer. However, plans seem to have changed.
While Shah Rukh's Don 2 will release in December as scheduled, Kagti's Aamir-starrer will be pushed to release on another day. Reason? Don was a hit, and the so sequel is being looked forward to. Also, Don 2 is made on a big budget. Reema Kagti's film, on the other hand, is a small-budget film.
The producers thought it best to shift the date for the betterment of the production. Aamir Khan let his director and producers decide on when the film should be released. So there'll be no Aamir-SRK clash this year as there was when Ghajini and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi released around the same time in 2008.


SRK visits Ajmer Sharif

Despite resolve, SRK can't stay away from Twitter

Shah Rukh Khan, who had tried really hard to stay away from Twitter, is back on the social networking site. And this time round, he is using the popular site to promote his upcoming sci-fi film Ra.One by keeping his tweeples updated about the forthcoming promotions of the film. He tweeted, "Yes nice to be bad habits even you all are difficult to here's to a new round of bad habiting between u and me." He added, "Excited with thought of Ra.One teaser. Will ask ESPN Star if I can release the ten seconder on twitter before they release it? Will try." Even as SRK promotes the film, it has been learnt that over ten days shooting of Ra.One is still remaining and the filmmakers plan to complete it in May. But, for now the actor has busied himself with the IPL. At the inaugural function he danced to Chak De! with a bevy of extras wearing shimmering outfits.
As for Shah Rukh Khan's Always Kabhi Kabhi, which marks the debut of a…

Shah Rukh Khan’s golden charm

Mehul Choksi, CMD, Gitanjali Group, presented the newly-signed brand bmbassador a golden helmet to wish him and his team (Kolkata Knight Riders) good luck for Season 4 of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

"We really hope that this proves to be a lucky charm for the all new revamped Kolkata Knight Riders and gives the team a boost to achieve success in the competition and win," said a company spokesperson.

Gitanjali Group is the Jewellery Partner of KKR and Sponsor of the Man of the Match trophy.


Famous personalities at shrines

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan visits the sacred Sufi Shrine of Khawaza Moinuddin Chisty in Ajmer on April 15, 2011. Shah Rukh Khan did ziyarat and offered red velvet chaddar and roses on the tomb of Khawaza. On reaching the Dargah, he waved to the huge gathering of fans before entering the premises of the Dargah from the Solah Khambha gate.

Source:  TOI

Shah Rukh needs God's help?

Does Shah Rukh Khan need help? The actor, who owns an IPL team - Kolkata Knight Riders, made his way to Ajmer Sharif today to pray and ask for the success of KKR. His wife Gauri Khan accompanied him. It can be remembered that Shilpa Shetty, too, last IPL season made her way to the shrine and sought blessings.

Apparently, Shah Rukh is going through trying times especially with his IPL team. KKR has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Drowned in controversy, and not shining bright on the field, SRK has now turned to the last resort - God's help.

Shah Rukh, personally also, has been having his share of ups and downs and doesn't seem to enjoy the goodwill he once did in the film fraternity. Let's hope this visit and some divine intervention sets everything right for the Badshah.


SRK is the new Brand ambassador for the Gitanjali

Gitanjali Group gifts a good luck charm to SRK. Mehul Choksi, CMD, Gitanjali Group recently presented the newly signed Brand Ambassador of Gitanjali Group Shah Rukh Khan a golden helmet to wish him and his team good luck for Season 4 of the Indian Premier League. We really hope that this proves to be a lucky charm for the all new revamped Kolkata Knight Riders and gives the team a boost to achieve success in the competition and win.

Gitanjali Group is the Jewellery Partner of KKR and Sponsor of the Man of the Match trophy.

Mehul Choksi, CMD, Gitanjali Group presents a golden helmet to Shah Rukh Khan, co-owner of Kolkota Knight Riders (KKR) and newly signed brand ambassador of Gitanjali Group to wish him and his team good luck for Season 4 of the Indian Premier League. Gitanjali Group is the Jewellery Partner of KKR and Sponsor of the Man of the Match trophy.


SRK with a potrait of shrine of Khwaza moinuddin chishty after paying obeisance, in Ajmer

SRK with a potrait of shrine of Khwaza moinuddin chishty after paying obeisance, in Ajmer - @iamsrk

Are you among the ‘sleepless elite’?

Did you know Shah Rukh Khan can get by with just four hours of sleep? And that's certainly not because he's an insomniac. Khan belongs to what scientists have identified a small group of people called the 'sleepless elite,' for whom a lie-in is a waste of time. Rather than being tired, bad-tempered under-achievers, the 'sleepless elite' are an energetic, outgoing and optimistic group who can happily and healthily get by on just four or five hours of shut-eye a night.

They also tend to be slim, able to hold down two jobs at the same time, and breeze through their extra-long days without needing caffeine pick-me-ups or catnaps.

American scientists who studied an extended family in California focused on a mother and daughter who appeared perfectly healthy despite their shared lifelong habit of getting up early in the morning, having gone to bed close to midnight.

SRK fights with lensman, then invites him over

If media comes, can King Khan be far behind? It seems that the actor was unable to contain his excitement recently and decided to celebrate in front of the media and public. However, things became ugly when the crowds and the media became unruly.Gauri, Hrithik and Karisma Kapoor, who were with SRK decided to remain in the car. But Shah Rukh who had last climbed onto his gate, decided to come out on the streets to be with his fans and media, reported Times News Network.

But then, the eager fans of SRK became unmanageable and the actor's security had to step in, pushing and shoving people away from him. Later, even the star lost it and had a tiff with a photographer. And finally, the Don actor had to seek refuge in film's producer Ritesh Sidhwani's house nearby.

But that's not all.
Once SRK stayed over at Sidhwani's place, the latter ended up throwing an impromptu party for the star, and of course all friends and colleagues joined in the celebration.Later, when…

Bollywood Fever Hits Indonesia

Aviral YouTube video of a policeman lip-syncing and dancing to the song "Chaiyya Chaiyya" by Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan not only turned officer Norman Kamaru into an instant celebrity, but has also renewed the country's love affair with Bollywood.

While Norman insists he is ready to return to his life as a Mobile Brigade (Brimob) officer in Gorontalo, Sulawesi, at the moment he is busy getting a taste of what life is like for a Bollywood star — hobnobbing with celebrities on TV and being mobbed by fans eager for an autograph. He is also working on producing his first single at the unfortunately named Big Knob Studio in Jakarta.

Indonesia's Bollywood enthusiasts are waiting to see if the song — tentatively titled "Farhat's Love," after the song's producer, attorney Farhat Abbas — can live up to the real thing and give the country its first homegrown Bollywood hit.

Bollywood is the informal name for India's massive Hindi film …