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Shah Rukh Khan has high hopes from the young players in his IPL team this season

Shah Rukh Khan has high hopes from the young players in his IPL team this season

Even though Shah Rukh Khan is busy with his Yash Chopra film co-starring Katrina Kaif, he will take time off to boost the spirits of his IPL team. Says the actor, "I am shooting currently, but when I get eight to 10 days free, I will fly down to Kolkata to watch the matches."

"Hopefully, I will complete the film by July and take a couple of months off. Only then will I decide what to do next," adds Shah Rukh, squashing reports saying that he will start Rohit Shetty's Chennai Express this year. "I have been reading these reports, but I have not decided when I will start shooting."

On another note, the actor is all praise for Katrina. "I do a few films every year, and when I work with young actors, I learn a lot as they have a different way of doing scenes. Katrina is a stupendous actor. She approaches every scene differently, and as a co-star I have to…

Meeting my idol

Shahrukh Khan fanatics hardly ever just write fan mail. They mount his picture on their altars alongside images of holy deities. They wait outside his home for days hoping to see him. One particular fan, Vishal Singh, made it into various Indian news sources for creating a shrine to him, plastering over 22,000 pictures of Khan around his home. He even legally changed his name to "Visharukh Khan." This vehement adoration is due to pure star power. To have been able to interview Shahrukh Khan, a man who has been equated with God by his admirers, was my dream come true.Bollywood has always been my safety blanket — a way to counteract the seriousness of darker days with color and flair. Shahrukh Khan, in particular, is the embodiment of Hindi cinema for me. His very first film, Deewana released when I was just shy of one year old, while his latest film Don 2 was in theaters this past December. I have grown up with Shahrukh Khan and have consistently fallen for his v…

'Veer-Zaara' Preity, SRK hang out at their IPL team clash

Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta displayed some friendly camaraderie at the Punjab Cricket Association's stadium in Mohali despite being owners of rival IPL teams. At the match held between SRK's Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and Preity's Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) last night, Shah Rukh's team may have emerged victorious but that didn't stop him from bonding with good friend Preity post the match.

Once the match got over, SRK and Preity took a walk around the stadium and even exchanged their team jerseys. While SRK wore the red KXIP jersey, Preity put on the KKR jacket which SRK was wearing throughout the match. Needless to say the shutterbugs went crazy seeing the friendly banter between SRK and Preity.

Preity even thanked SRK for coming down to Mohali and tweeted, "@imsrk So nice 2 finally have u at our home game Shah. Was funny seeing people with Veer Vs Zaara posters. Haha ! Lots of love always :-)"