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Faithfully yours, SRK

Shah Rukh Khan spoke his mind on terrorism and religion on Sunday, at an evening for commemorating 26/11 Shahrukh Khan More Pics

in Delhi.....

"Generally, sab aatankwad ke baare mein meri raye poochte hain. Shayad main Muslim hoon isliye. Lekin mera manna hai ki aatankwad ke baare mein kisi ki bhi do raaye nahin ho sakti."

"The Indian civilisation doesn't distinguish in terms of religion. We are an impossible achievement in the world and I'm very proud to be an Indian."

" Mere mohalle ki Ramlila mein maine vanar sena mein bandar ka role kiya hai. I've grown up reading the Quran, listened to the Gita, learnt Christianity from my school, and my wife is a Punjabi."

" My late father always said, 'Mazhab nahi sikhaata, aapas mein bair rakhna,' lekin aaj, har mazhab ke shaitanon ne, rakshason ne, apna ek naya religion bana liya hai...Terrorism."

" I want to live; we all want to live. It's our duty to wip…

Living next door to SRK cheaper in Dubai than Mumbai

MUMBAI: For many years, Zaheer Rizvi, an MBA from one of the country's top 20 business schools, nurtured a dream to meet his favourite star Shah Rukh Khan. He had made several attempts to meet King Khan in Mumbai for two years, but always ended up seeing the star surrounded by an army of bodyguards. The star wouldn't so much as give him a glance.

Rizvi's dream may finally come true. While everyone else frets about the real estate crisis in Dubai, Rizvi may actually use it to his advantage. After an over five-year stint as an investment banker with a financial institute in the desert state, he has saved enough to buy a villa in the same neighbourhood as his favourite superstar.

"I am in touch with an agent and my wife and I did like a villa in Jumeirah in Dubai, in the same area where Shah Rukh owns one. I may have to sell the property that I had bought in Mumbai for investment but I think it will be worth it," said Rizvi over the phone from Dubai. The villa…

Can't have two viewpoints on terrorism: ShahRukh Khan

"No one can have two viewpoints about terrorism. There is no religion of terrorism. I am often asked my viewpoint on this, maybe because I am a Muslim and I am very proud to be a Muslim," said Shah Rukh.

"But I have read the Quran, listened to the Gita, acted in Ram Leela and learnt Christianity besides being a Muslim. My friends and I have worked on a film on Buddha (Asoka) and my wife is a Punjabi."

Terrorism has no religion: Shah Rukh

There is no religion of terrorism," said Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan in New Delhi Sunday evening at a public event a year after the Mumbai terror attacks."Indian civilisation does not distinguish in terms of religion. We are an impossible achievement in the world and I'm very proud to be an Indian," he added, speaking at public event held at the sprawling lawns of the India Gate to show the nation's solidarity against terrorism. "No one can have two viewpoints about terrorism. There is no religion of terrorism. I am often asked my viewpoint on this, maybe because I am a Muslim and I am very proud to be a Muslim," said Shah Rukh. "But I have read the Quran, listened to the Gita, acted in Ram Leela... and learnt Christianity besides being a Muslim... My friends and I have worked on a film on Buddha (Asoka) and my wife is a Punjabi," the super star stressed. Shah Rukh joined a number of celebrities, eminent personalities from the worlds o…

SRK calls for solidarity against terrorism

The capital on Sunday evening saw a salutation to India and its integrity in the form of 'A Nation In Solidarity Against Terror'. Seen hobnobbing were representatives of all walks of life including Bollywood that was significantly represented by Shah Rukh Khan.

Organised under the aegis of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), a 60-minute event entitled at India Gate hosted by actress/director Nandita Das saw SRK speak his heart out with a somber mood on being an Indian, then Muslim and most importantly being 'one'.

The actor started by saying how proud he was about his nationality. "I am very proud to be an India. My freedom fighter dad like every dad gave me the teaching of 'Mazhab nahi sikhata aapas mein bair rakhna…'. But what is sad now is that these important teachings of childhood have now become dim, for, the devils of every religion have made their own religion called 'terrorism' and this religion only loves death. The choice in front of us i…

Can't have two viewpoints on terrorism: SRK

India doesn't distinguish people on the basis of their religion and terrorists therefore can't use faith as an excuse, said actor Shah Rukh Khan on Sunday."Indian civilisation does not distinguish in terms of religion. We are an impossible achievement in the world and I'm very proud to be an Indian," he said while speaking at a public event at the India Gate to show the nation's solidarity against terrorism."No one can have two viewpoints about terrorism. There is no religion of terrorism. I am often asked my viewpoint on this, maybe because I am a Muslim and I am very proud to be a Muslim," said Shah Rukh."But I have read the Quran, listened to the Gita, acted in Ram Leela and learnt Christianity besides being a Muslim. My friends and I have worked on a film on Buddha (Asoka) and my wife is a Punjabi." Shah Rukh joined a number of celebrities, eminent personalities from the worlds of arts and literature, and political leaders and school c…

State diner gatecrashers did meet Obama

Washington, November 28 -- Photos of Michaele and Tareq Salahi with President Obama in the Blue Room of the White House were released Friday, proving that the gatecrashing Virginian couple, who got past layers of security on Tuesday night's State dinner, did, indeed, meet the president. The annual film festival in Goa filled the fascination among the fans of King Khan when the premiere disclosed about the two minutes of anaglyph performed by Mr. Shah in Mr. Deshpande's upcoming film "Shahrukh Bola Khoobsurat Hai Tu".Theme line of the film is about a Mumbaiya flower-selling girl who was spelled bound by the sudden spoken words of Shahrukh regarding her beauty. Mr. Deshpande told about the story, "This girl is in a very bad mood, when Shah Rukh, suddenly, as a matter of chance, passes by the street in a car and says 'tu khoobsurat hai!' [you are beautiful!]. It changes the life of this flower-selling girl.""To change ugliness to beauty, that is th…

The ‘Badshah’ now has a movie named after him!

From a small time television actor to the reigning 'Bollywood Badshah', the man sure has come a long way!

Be it on popularity stakes, endorsement stakes or the sheer count of Bollywood blockbusters that the man has spawned, Shahrukh khan indeed is the definitive monarch of B'town right now.

And in yet another illustration of his numero uno status in Bollywood, the actor has now had a new movie named after him!

Yes folks! The Indian International Film Festival (IFFI), which is currently on in Goa, is abuzz with a movie called 'Sharukh Bola Khoobsurat Hai Tu'.

The movie reportedly narrates the story of a flower girl in Mumbai whose life turns upside down after a coincidental brush with Shahrukh khan.

Sounds like 'Nanhe Jaisalmer?'

Well, we say it's too early to draw parallels!

For now, let's just rejoice at the Badshah's latest brush with fame!

Source: entertainmentandshowbiz(dot)com

Karan Johar is on a mission!

Dharma Productions' Kurbaan with Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor in the lead definitely got people across the globe to sit up and take noticeof it.

Rensil D'Silva's cross-genre flick that is a love story set against the backdrop of terrorism came in for a mixed view from its audience. However, Karan Johar is not shaken. "I know exactly what I'm doing," says Bollywood's prolific and progressive producer. He admits that his banner has in the past been associated with candy floss cinema. But from the start of 2009, Dharma is emerging as a formidable force, and has been making dramatic departures from its safe zone.

Says Karan, "With Kurbaan, we did make a complete departure from what we have earlier been doing. Whether it was Dostana or Wake Up Sid, we've been dabbling in different genres." He says that even those films were closer in texture to what he has been doing in the past — like a Kabhie Khushie Kabhi Gham or a Kal Ho Na Ho. "…

Love, light & prayers: SRK

If you were at Marine Lines late on Wednesday night and saw a frenzy of people and shutterbugs, well, it was because of the presence of King

Shah Rukh Khan.

But the actor wasn't there for a shoot, nor was he promoting a film; he was there not as Shah Rukh Khan but as a responsible Mumbaiite. The actor drove all the way from his house in Bandra at 11 pm on the eve of 26/11 to write a heartfelt message as a tribute to the victims and martyrs of last year's terror attacks on Mumbai.

Nana Chudasama and Shaina NC's NGOs 'I Love Mumbai' and 'Giants International', along with 'Prism Stand Up and Act', had organised an artistic tribute in the form of a 1.5 km wall (the prominent Chandan Wadi wall opposite Marine Lines station) on which Mumbaiites could sketch, paint or simply write their thoughts and feelings. Hundreds of Mumbaiites added their touch to the Wall through the day, and SRK wanted to put across his personal message too. He chose a part of…

SRK's graffiti for 26/11 heroes

Observing the first anniversary of 26/11 terror attacks on the film city, actor Shah Rukh Khan stood up for the martyrs and victims of the terror strike painting graffiti at Marine Lines on Thursday.

SRK lent his full support to Mumbai artists, who paid their tribute to the martyrs and victims of the terror strike at Marine Drive.

Hounded by the crowd, King Khan slowly but steadily made his way to the wall. While he painted his message, the crowd cheered him on.

Needless to say, SRK's presence at the venue helped the message to reach out to all Indians apart from the ones who already thronged the venue.

SRK pays midnight tribute to 26/11 heroes Click here to add this article to My Clips

Even as the tinsel town wakes up to the anniversary of the 26/11 terrorist attacks on Mumbai, film stars and the industry make the right noises in the media, the King Khan dedicates himself to the Nation in a unique way.

Shah Rukh Khan and BJP spokesperson Shaina N C painted a wall at Marine Lines at midnight to pay tribute to the heroes and victims of 26/11. Mumbaikars joined them in large numbers.

Source: bollywoodhungama

Deshpande premiere's his SRK starrer at IFFI

Shahrukh Khan is back again in International Film Festival of India (IFFI) but this time on silver screen with Makrand Deshpande.

King Khan had inaugurated IFFI 2007 and he was the cynosure of all eyes. And now his friend, theatre actor Makrand Deshpande intends to recreate the magic again through his flick 'Shahrukh Bola Tu Khoobsurat Hai.'

"I would have like invite Shahrukh here for the premier of the film but he said that he will attend the opening night," Deshpande told PTI.

The debutante director hopes to release the film commercially somewhere in the first quarter of the year 2010.

The fiction film revolves around a flower girl whose life changes with few magical words uttered by Shahrukh.
Source: PTInews

Anushka Sharma cannot forget Shah Rukh’s smell!

Mumbai: It seems like the magnetic personality of Shah Rukh Khan attract one and all. Ask the chubby-faced Anushka Sharma, who debuted opposite the King Khan in 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi'! The girl is still hanging on to the memories of working with the 'Baadshah' and cannot stop herself from speaking about him at any given opportunity. Recently, in an interview, the girl said, "One thing I can`t forget about SRK is his smell. He smells superb. He used to smell different each time. I would be like, `Wow man! Shah Rukh, you smell so good`."

Talking about how baffling, Shah Rukh can be, Anushka said, "If you think you know Shah Rukh Khan, you don`t. That`s the thing about him. He can always keep you guessing."

"Each day I used to be like 'Okay, he`s like this, oh no he`s not like that...' Every day he used to be a new person for me. He`s just so mysterious, yaar. I don`t know if you`ve heard anyone say it.... I can`t fathom him. I just can`t,&qu…

Shah Rukh is a funny man: Amitabh Bachchan

Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan says Shah Rukh Khan left him in a jovial mood after the latter called him to confirm his presence at the premiere of upcoming film "Paa". "Shah Rukh has remained with me in the late afternoon. He is a very funny man and shakes me into joviality when I inform him about the premiere and his absolute presence there. He tells me, 'He is already there, black suited and with anticipation of seeing 'Paa'," Amitabh posted on "Aamir too communicates today and confirms his presence," he added. The cast and crew of "Paa" – including Amitabh, Abhishek and director R. Balakrishnan have major plans for the film's premiere Dec 3 in Mumbai. Amitabh plays a 12-year-old progeria patient in "Paa" and he had to stick on several pieces of specially crafted clay to get the right look for the movie. The disease causes premature ageing among children. International make-up artist Stephan Du…

SRK leaves a peace message

Shah Rukh Khan was part of a peace drive in memory of the 26/11 victims.
Mumbai, which is still trying to recover from the scars of last year's 26/11 terrorist attacks, marked the first anniversary of the horrific incident, by lighting candles outside the Gateway of India and at the Taj Hotel and prayed for tranquility and a brighter hope for the city that saw 166 innocent people killed without reason.
Mumbaikars went around the Taj Hotel; one of the sites attacked by terrorists, chanting slogans of peace and reminiscencing about those who had died last year during a three day siege."We want peace. We have come to pay homage to our soldiers who laid their lives for us and for the country," said Shakuntla Devi, a local.Hundreds of youngsters, men and women, drew paintings, wrote peace messages and put hand impressions on a one-and-a-half-kilometer long wall on Wednesday (November 25) - saying the city stood united against any future attacks on this cosmopolitan fabric.Some …

Is SRK Treat for Hrithik!

Hrithik Roshan doesn't want to take any risk with his forthcoming flick 'Kites'. So, he has further deferred the release date of the movie. It is said that he has done it because Shah Rukh's 'My Name Is Khan' is releasing around the same time. The release of 'Kites' has been postponed to March 2010, as the Roshan is wary of SRK starrer 'My Name Is Khan', which is releasing in February 2010. Though Hrithik attributes the postponement of 'Kites' to the inability of finding an overseas distributor, filmi circles say that the Roshans are scared of SRK-Kajol starrer. The SRK and Kajol's pair manages far more scorching chemistry in one scene than all the Mori-Hrithik skin-show put together in Roshan's venture, it is learnt.

Fox to promote My Name Is Khan with Avatar

The 'Kurbaan' anticipation cooled down once its released, now people are thirsty for Karan Johar's yet another much-waited production – 'My Name Is Khan'. The Shahrukh-Kajol movie which is slated for 12th Feb 2010 was allegedly rumoured to have released its promos alongside 'Kurbaan'. Now it is reported that 'My Name Is Khan' promos will be released side by side with Hollywood flick 'Avatar'. Why so because, both the big-time projects are bannered under 20th Century Fox Star Studios. The promos of both the movies will be unveiled globally on December 18, 2009.Dharma Productions' 'My Name Is Khan' has been tied up with the international banner for its distribution. Fox Star Studios will undertake the movie's distribution in India, Fox Searchlight inU.S. and 20th Century Fox will distribute in remaining overseas places. Now one can expect the best of promotions for this KJo's directorial.'Avatar' is an action adventu…

My Name Is Khan Promo Releasing with Avatar!

Ever since the release date of one of the most awaited movies "My Name Is Khan" was set on Feb.... Ever since the release date of one of the most awaited movies "My Name Is Khan" was set on Feb. 12th, 2010, fans all over the world are dying to get a glimpse of the much loved couple Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol Devgan as Rizwan and Mandira!

Earlier the false rumor was that the first promo will be released with "Kurbaan," another Dharma Productions project, but now the buzz is that Fox Star Studios will unveil the look promo of the film with a huge Hollywood project "Avatar," directed by James Cameron of "Titanic" fame. "Avatar" is releasing world wide on December 18th, 2009!

"Avatar" has already created much hype, but now there's another huge reason to watch it! The photoshoot for the Vogue Magazine has already proved that the rocking Bollywood couple is back, but the promo will surely add more hype to the movie!  It…

MY NAME IS KHAN to open with AVATAR!


From the time Karan Johar's Shahrukh Khan & Kajol starrer MY NAME IS KHAN has associated with 20th Century Fox Star Studios, it has opened new avenues for Bollywood in Hollywood!

And now setting a perfect example of Hollywood meets Bollywood, Fox Star Studios have planned to unveil the first look promo of the much anticipated Bollywood film MY NAME IS KHAN with Hollywood biggie AVATAR, directed by James Cameron (of TITANIC fame). This action adventure, which is made under 20th Century Fox banner, opens globally on December 18, 2009.

It must be noted that Fox Star Studios will distribute MY NAME IS KHAN in India, while Fox Searchlight will distribute in the U.S. and 20th Century Fox will do so in the rest of the world.

So folks get set to enjoy the best of both the worlds this winter!
Source: glamsham

"Shah Rukh always knew about Tees Maar Khan" - Shirish Kunder

This seems to have become a national issue. Farah Khan working with Akshay Kumar for her next directorial venture appears to be nothing short of Sonia Gandhi suddenly deciding to join BJP (sorry, couldn't think of a better analogy). Pretty much making all around headlines, the news of Shirish Kunder turning producer for Tees Maar Khan which stars Akshay Kumar, is directed by Farah Khan and doesn't feature Shah Rukh Khan anywhere in close vicinity, has been the hottest recipe of the season. Over to Shirish who bares his heart out and tells Joginder Tuteja all about the past, present and future of his debut production.

Really, is it that big an issue which is being made out currently? Just like an actor has all the right to work with any director, same holds good for a filmmaker too, isn't it?
Forget the entire point around a director looking at working with his/her favourite actor. The point here is why are some sections of media hell bent on calling this as a war or some…

SRK's Midas touch benefits other stars too

Shah Rukh Khan sure has a Midas touch. Whatever he touches turns gold and whatever he discards turns gold for others!

Call it a reality or just a co-incidence, but whatever role King Khan has refused it became a gain for other actors. When he rejected Lagaan, it was Aamir Khan's gain and so was the case with many other stars like Sanjay Dutt, Anil Kapoor, or even Madhavan.

Did you know that Rajkumar Hirani's first choice for Munna Bhai was not Sanjay but SRK? He said no to Hirani and Sanjay went on to become one the biggest sensations as Munna Bhai.

For Lagaan too Ashutosh Govarikar wanted SRK, but he had some date issues and could not do the film. The role then went to Aamir, which took him close to the Oscars.

Even Danny Boyl had approached King Khan for his Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionare but SRK said no to the role and it went on to resurrect Anil's career and made him a hot property in the west.

Madhavan's role in Rang De Basanti too was initially offered to SRK and h…

James Cameron´s ´Avatar´ To Say ´My Name Is Khan´!

In perhaps the first of its kind of an event, where Hollywood meets Bollywood, the promo of Karan Johar's 'My Name Is Khan' will be unveiled with James Cameron's 'Avatar', globally on December 18.While talks about 'My Name Is Khan' with 'Avatar' were there on twitter for a while it has been confirmed officially.The much awaited Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol starrer, 'My Name Is Khan' is all set to release worldwide, during the Valentine weekend, February 12, 2010 to be exact.As may be recalled Fox Star Studios India will distribute 'My Name Is Khan' in India, Fox Searchlight will distribute in the US while 20th Century Fox will release in the rest of the world.


Has Farah broken off with SRK?

In a shocking development, Farah Khan is slowly distancing herself from her best buddy and 'rakhi brother'. Recently, Farah announced that her next directorial venture,...Tees Maar Khan, would star Shah Rukh's arch rival Akshay Kumar who will also produce the film along with Farah's husband Shirish Kunder. Buzz is that Farah signed Akshay because she was upset with Shah Rukh for making her re-write Happy New Year three times and turning down husband Shirish's Joker.When contacted Farah tried her best to downplay the incident, "Everyone knows the bond that Shah Rukh and I share. I respect and adore him but I have to be there for my husband. Today Shirish needs my support and he is family." Didn't Farah call Shah Rukh family in the past; after all he gave her away to Shirish at their wedding!Farah clarified that her casting Akshay hasn't spoiled her relationship with SRK, "Everything is fine between SRK and me. I informed him much ahead that I …

Big release planned for ‘My Name is Khan’

Shah Rukh Khan is gearing for the promotion of his film "My Name is Khan", which is due for February 2010 release.

SRK has already chalked out plans for the film's promotion. His strategy is to launch a full scale publicity campaign of the film immediately after the release of Aamir's "3 Idiots" on December 25, the last big film of 2009.

Shah Rukh will soon be flying to US to discuss the marketing and promotion ideas with the team at Fox STAR Studios, the distributors of the film.

The movie will also release in Hollywood in a big way at the same time.

Moreover, SRK is reportedly aiming to feature on the covers of several leading international magazines and prominent news channels.

The Khan blast could end up affecting Hrithik's "Kites", which too is due for release early next year. The Roshans are still in search of a Hollywood production house that they can team up with for the international release of "Kites".

Source: masala(dot)com

SRK interested in fashion, while Gauri chooses crime!

Mumbai: If the latest buzz is to be believed, superstar SRK and his fashionable wife Gauri are apparently all geared up to conquer the small screen. Gauri Khan is reportedly all set to come up with a TV show for a popular channel that will be based on investigative crime stories. While Shah Rukh is reportedly keen to do a TV show like 'America's Next Top Model'.

A source reveals that Khans' production house is working on short crime stories on the lines of the hit TV show 'CID'.

On the other hand, grapevine has it that SRK has already roped in none other than Bipasha Basu for 'Female Model Hunt', which will be the Indian remake of 'America's Next Top Model', hosted by Hollywood sizzler Tyra Banks.

Now, who, other than Bips, would have been a great choice to be Tyra Banks of India! With such a perfect casting to begin with, SRK's show is surely going be a hit.
Source: spicezee

Gauri Khan takes to crime!

It's enough to make Bollywood sit up in horror... but this is not that kind of rumour.

Shah Rukh Khan's stunning and fashionable wife Gauri is reportedly doing a TV show for a popular channel that's based on investigative crime stories. Not one to get into the reality show genre, Gauri's production house is working on short crime stories on the lines of the hit TV show Cid.

Apparently, the buzz is that the Bollywood Badshah would like to rule Tellyland as well. And after producing a couple of shows for the idiot box, SRK is keen to do one like America's Next Top Model which is hosted by Hollywood sizzler Tyra Banks. For this, Shah Rukh has apparently roped in Bollywood hottie Bipasha Basu
Source: TimesofIndia

Sabsey Favourite Kaun 2010

The Star Gold channel's Yearly Award for Sabsey Favourite Kaun 2010

Vote for Shahrukh Khan for the title of Sabsey Favourite Hero and Sabsey Favourite Style Icon

And also vote for Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi as Sabsey Favourite Movie

The Link is Sabsey Favourite Kaun 2010

Come on fans, vote for SRK as many times as you can. You just need to register on the site and vote.

One lucky winner will get the chance to attend the finale and receive a trophy (Sabsey Bada fan) from his/her favourite star for whom you voted. 25 consolation prizes will be given as SFK goodie bags... So make your favourite stars the winner and be a winner yourself!

Source: Star Gold
Posted by: Sarvesh Gupta

ShahRukh Khan @ special screening of Kurbaan !


SRK's autobiography on verge on completion!

Apart from various biographies and coffee table books about superstar Shah Rukh Khan, the actor is also busy writing his autobiography, and for a while now. Knowing King Khan's wit, humour and also his knack of speaking extempore and at length about any topic, it is but obvious that just like his blockbuster films even the book is keenly awaited. So what is the actual position?

As per SRK himself, he is on verge of completing it and the autobiography has an account and experiences of almost 20 years of his life. Shah Rukh also expresses his happiness at the fact that an endeavor into which he has put in a lot of effort, passion and time is finally concluding.

Knowing how anything connected with Bollywood's global superstar has grandeur and at the same time class associated with it, we look forward to the account of his life by the man himself!
Source: Glamsham

My Name Is Karan Johar

It's busy season for Karan Johar. Wake Up Sid was warmly recieved, Kurbaan is coming right up and every single waking moment of his is currently spent in working on his upcoming directorial project, My Name Is Khan, starring perennial favourites Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol.The director in him is stepping well out of his comfort zone, even as the producer within is enjoying handing over the reins to first-time directors who, he claims, are making films he can't possibly helm on his own. In the first part of this long conversation with Raja Sen, Johar discusses his kind of cinema, honesty as a filmmaker, and being unfaithful to the Dharma Productions family.When you look at films that you wouldn't be comfortable doing, is that out of choice or ability? Like when you say you couldn't make a Wake Up Sid...Oh, there are a lot of films I can't do. And I look at them sometimes happy I can't do them and sometimes really sad I can't do them. For the lack of a better wo…

"Aamir, SRK to attend Paa premiere" - Big B

They say Bollywood is one big family. And attending premieres of each other's films certainly a part and parcel of the ways of the tinsel town. In a latest, Amitabh Bachchan has confirmed that Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan will grace the premiere of Paa, where Big B plays a 13-year old boy afflicted by the rare disease progeria.

Bachchan writes on his blog, "And now for the bad news. The London and Dubai premieres stand cancelled. Several issues have cropped up and it would not be prudent to go ahead with it, under such uncertain pressures and circumstances. But Mumbai is on ... at the IMAX Wadala on the 3rd of December and Aamir and Shah Rukh have both assured me of their presence there, today, as I begin to send out letters and requests to block said date from the Industry."

In the same post, Bachchan praised the regional press for their incisive questions and informed fans that he's going to Chennai to "get an idea of the mechanics that go behind a final pro…

SRK’s dadagiri over Ganguly

It's SRK's turn to do a bit of Dadagiri now. And that too with Sourav Ganguly. Speculation was rife about who the celebrity guest would be for

the grand finalé of Dada's quiz show.

The one name that frequently came up was that of King Khan. With Sourav as the Knight Riders' captain, it was but obvious for many to guess that the Badshah would come down to Kolkata for Dada's gameshow.

News is that SRK has indeed given his nod to this. Says Sanjoy Chatterjee, senior VP and business head of the regional channel, which airs the show, "It's confirmed that SRK is coming down in mid-December for shooting the grand finalé. Due to the highly competitive environment, we can't divulge any further details about the format of that show. Besides, we are also talking about two very high profile celebs." Ask Chatterjee how much of clout Sourav wielded in getting SRK on board and he says, "Dada has played an important role in getting SRK. Dada is extre…

She’s planning to turn producer with a love story

If sources are to be believed, Katrina Kaif is all set to turn a producer. And guess what? She wants to cast Shah Rukh Khan in the lead opposite herself.

Kareena has zeroed in on a French film that's she's really liked and is going to remake it in Hindi after acquiring the rights.

With almost all her movies becoming big hits, Katrina is now thinking about some serious business. Nowadays she is seen taking keen interest in the finer points of film production and is also meeting a lot of trade guys.

She is interacting a lot with the producers whom she has worked with to get some in-depth knowledge about filmmaking.

Katrina was also seen bonding very well with SRK at Subhash Ghai's party recently. At that time itself rumours were doing rounds that the two are planning to do a film together. However, it seemed that SRK has offered a role to Kat, but now it is the other way round, with Katrina offering him a role in her film.

Katrina feels that there is no other actor as romantic as…

Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan together on screen in Bombay Velvet

The two Khans are likely to come together onscreen…and the credit goes to Danny Boyle. The Slumdog Millionaire director's next project is Bombay Velvet where one could see the two rival Khans together! Danny is producing this movie which will be directed by Anurag Kashyap.

If sources are to be believed, Danny has already confirmed Aamir while he has been on talks with Shahrukh.
The film is a period movie based on real incidents and set in the backdrop of Mumbai in 1940s. The suspense thriller is basically a trilogy and the film is divided into three parts.Danny has already signed Aamir for the third part in the lead role, while he is still on discussions with Shahrukh for the protagonist in the first part. For the second part, John Abraham is expected to play the male lead where he would be playing a real-life hero for the masses.

If everything goes well and as planned, the movie will be on floor by next year. Let's keep our fingers crossed! There won't be anything as excitin…

I love Kareena to death: KJo

JLo is probably eating her heart out. 'Coz the new toast of the debonair circuit has slightly different initials — KJo.

But envy won't get her (or anyone else) anywhere, simply because Karan Johar has worked his butt off — planning, focusing and making his dad, Yash Johar's banner, Dharma Productions, proud. Suddenly it's an unstoppable juggernaut. Dostana, Wake Up Sid, now Kurbaan with My Name Is Khan and Stepmom to follow, even as his team of directors is plotting the next scripts.

"These young directors today, Tarun, Ayaan, Rensil, Siddharth and others directing for Dharma, they're geniuses," says the stylish producer. "They're steps ahead of the way we thought earlier. They've taken cinema to another level. Look at the themes — comedy (Dostana), adolescence (Wake Up Sid), terror-sensitivity (Kurbaan), poignancy (MNIK) ... it's incredible. I only wish dad was with us today. To see us take his legacy of honesty and credibility forward. Ye…

Hrithik’s ‘Kites’ delayed further because of SRK’s ‘MNIK’

Heartthrob Hrithik Roshan seems very careful with his much-anticipated flick 'Kites'. According to the latest news, the release date of the film has been delayed further because Shah Rukh's 'My Name Is Khan' is releasing around the same time.

Reports reveal that the release of 'Kites' has been postponed to March 2010 apparently because the Rohans don't want to take any risk and are wary of 'MNIK', which is releasing in February next year. However, grapevine has it that the actual reason of the delay I that Roshans haven't been able to find an overseas distributor has yet.

Refuting the rumours, Roshans' spokesperson said that a distributor has been found, and the delay is only because Rakesh Roshan wants it that way.

Well, we can easily believe this. Who wouldn't be scared of a SRK-Kajol starrer, a couple that manages far more fiery chemistry in one scene than all the Mori-Hrithik skin-show put together.

Source: spicezee

Aftab grateful to SRK

"I was looking for a very popular voice... which people can easily recognise and could think only of Shah Rukh. He readily agreed to lend his voice and I am thankful to him for that," Aftab told IANS.

He admits that a producer's job is more difficult than an actor's, having experienced both sides now.

"This is my debut production, and I found that a producer's job is tougher than that of an actor," Aftab said.

"While doing other films I had to concentrate only on acting, but in this case I had to be multi-tasking, which became tough at times," he added.

"Aao Wish Karein" is like a fairytale where a child's life gets transformed after his wish to be a grown-up actually materialises, said Aftab.

Aftab Shivdasani, who has turned producer with his just-released "Aao Wish Karein", says he is grateful to superstar Shah Rukh Khan for having lent his voice to promote the fairytale love story. "It's a very posit…