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Don Update

Farhan Akhtar is busy finalizing the starcast of his Don remake. And the latest addition to the cast of the film is Isha Koppikar. However Isha gives a whole new spin to the Don remake. While all other actors in the cast of Don play some character from the original (SRK – Amitabh Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra– Zeenat Aman, Arjun Rampal – Pran, Kareena Kapoor – Helen), Isha’s character is not derived from the original film. Her character is an addition to the cast of this remake. Seems like the Don remake is not blatantly derived from the original but has some additions and alterations in its script. Javed Akhtar who scripted the original is re-working on the screenplay of the remake as well.

SRK’s helping hand

'HUMKO TUMSE PYAAR HAI’ was an ambitious project when launched in 2002. Starring three ‘A’ list stars then — Bobby Deol, Amisha Patel and Arjun Rampal — the film, directed by Bunty Soorma and produced by Karim Morani, Bunty Soorma and Aly Morani, embarked on its first schedule in January 2002.
But catastrophe struck in March 2002, when Bunty Soorma passed away in his sleep in a Jaisalmer hotel, while the second schedule was in progress. Suddenly, everything seemed uncertain. Months later, Vikram Bhatt stepped in Bunty’s shoes to complete the remaining portions of the film. But the project, which was initially supposed to hit the screens towards the end of 2002, will now release exactly after three years — in Diwali this year

What prompted SRK to step in? “He kept track of the film all the while, he used to enquire about its progress. He even viewed portions of the film and has been supportive all through, though he has no stake in the film,” Aly reveals. There’s talk that SRK has sp…

Pal, pal, dil ke paas

Farah Khan

Buddy bunch Shah Rukh Khan, Gauri Khan, Karan Johar and my childhood friends who live in the same building Rajesh Sathe and his sister Rachna.

Buddy bond I meet SRK regularly because I work with him. But otherwise, we meet four to five times a month. We play board games like Trivial Pursuit or just sit and chat. SRK has been wanting me to work out with him which I’ve never done till now. We all enjoy films. When we are on outdoor locations, we sit in one room and watch DVDs. We talk mostly about work.

Nowadays we also talk about spiritualism, marriage and children but earlier, we mostly talked about what’s happening in the industry, childhood experiences, family experiences. SRK is a good talker but he’s also a good listener. He remembers small things. We have these jokes — like Karan always uses phrases like “we of the fraternity” meaning the film industry and I say it’s hardly a fraternity since everyone is trying to kill everyone else. With Gauri, it’s mostly girl talk. I d…

SRK is the Baadshah & i am ikka

AAMIR KHAN tackles his food like his roles. Meticulously, and with an eye on the details. The triangular sandwich is neatly halved and consumed in two precise bites. A small piece of the medu vada is dipped in coconut chutney and eaten without a spoon. Of course, he chews 32 times.
Once his snack is over, he switches places. He wants to know everything: What my name means, how long I’ve been with The Indian Express, whether I live alone in Mumbai, how many people there are in my family, why my family shifted from Mirzapur to Chandigarh in 1984.

When I tell him we relocated after the anti-Sikh riots, he makes a face, ‘‘Gosh, that’s sad. But these things make you the person you’ll become.’’ He asks me how old I was when it happened. Soon, I’m sharing the intimate memories of a five-year-old with him. I tell him how my dad went missing for 10 days and came back clean-shaven and with cropped hair. “Hello uncle” were my first words to my father. Khan grimaces, ‘‘This should be in a movie.’’ …

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