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Shah Rukh Khan: The choosy King?

Anil Sinanan, Times Bollywood Film Critic Shah Rukh Khan continues to be in the news. Earlier this month, SRK and bad boy Salman Khan allegedly almost came to blows at Katrina Kaif's birthday party held at the posh Mumbai restaurant Olive. This was apparently over SRK's alleged refusal to make a guest appearance in Salman's forthcoming Main Aur Mrs Khanna. The King Khan is now accused of delaying producer Viveck Vaswani's long in the making Dulha Mil Gaya. Vaswani diplomatically denies any Khan hassle: "Any big film would take its own sweet time to be completed. Only a few scenes with SRK remain to be canned. One song with SRK remains and we can shoot for it whenever his dates permit. We are not in a hurry." SRK, on the other hand, was not too enthusiastic to talk about the film when I asked him about his role in the film. "It is just a guest appearance involving three days work. It involves interior shots in the Mumbai studios. No, I am not shooting…

Rajnikant postpones his film on Shahrukh Khan's request

A request by Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan has made the Tamil superstar Rajnikant postpone the North-Indian release of his upcoming film Kuselan .

For those who don't know, Shahrukh Khan's film Billoo Barber and Ranjikant's 'Kuselan' are the remakes of the Malayalam hit 'Katha Parayumbol'. Both the films are based on the same story of a poor barber and a rich superstar who are childhood friends.

While SRK's movie is still in the production stages and is set for Diwali release, Rajni's 'Kuselan' is due to hit the theatres in August. Not just this, Rajni also has plans to dub 'Kuselan' in Hindi and release it in North India at the same time.

Now, if this happens, it would spell doom for the box-office prospects of 'Billoo Barber'.

So the Bollywood superstar made a call to his southern counterpart and requested him to postpone the north Indian release of 'Kuselan' since Diwali.

And being the good-hearted soul that …

Salman threatens SRK’s family at mid-night

Pinku Nujhat sent a message to the members of SRK (shahrukh khan) FAN CLUB.

Subject: Salman threatens SRK's family at mid-night

We don't just say that Salman Khan is the bad boy of Bollywood for no reason. Many past and present records stand his identity.

One recent example is his immodest behavior in front of Shahrukh's residence. On Monday night, he got heavily drunk and asked his driver to drive him to Shahrukh's house. On reaching there, Sallu got back into his old dirty image, yelled at his family and threatened his wife and children. At that juncture, Shahrukh was not at home.

The guard restricted him from entering his residence but Sallu was out of control. Then the guard immediately called Shahrukh and he quickly drove home. By the time, Shahrukh reached home, Salman drove back his car. Salman was heard screaming, "bahar aa sale, main tujhko dikhata hoon kaun asli Khan hai!"

For quite sometime, Salman and Shahrukh have been sharin…

Salman has referred to journalists as dogs !

Salman Khan finally reacts to press reports!

Salman Khan finally reacted to a deluge of negative press reports starting with his reported dustup with Shah Rukh Khan at Katrina Kaif's birthday on July 16. File photo of Salman and Katrina at the music launch of 'Singh Is Kinng' on Thursday, June 26. Photo Credit: Sawf News July 25, 2008 (Sawf News) - Salman Khan finally reacted to a deluge of negative press reports starting with his reported dustup with Shah Rukh Khan at Katrina Kaif's birthday on July 16. His response was characteristic, if some what pained, and seemed to corroborate our own take on Mumbai tabloids. For the record, this is the second time a leading Bollywood star has referred to journalists as dogs. Akshay Kumar did as much earlier, responding to allegation of an affair with his trainer, speaking from location in Los Angeles where he is filming for Kambakth Ishq. Here is what Salman says: "For the next few days you will hear and read a lot of …

SRK Blog Updates

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Shahrukh dances in pain

Shahrukh Khan isn't one to use his ailments to cancel or postpone shoots. The actor recently completed an action sequence for Billoo Barber.

No time to recover

Says a source, "Ever since SRK hurt his knee playing football in London while on holiday, he hasn't had time to recover completely. First he shot for a rain song despite having a painful swollen knee for Yash Raj's Rab De Bana Di Jodi with actress Anushka.

Khan suffers from water retention and was terribly uncomfortable. In spite of that, he finished the schedule at Yash Raj on time. Except Adi, he didn't inform anyone at Yash Raj about his injury."

After the Yash Raj shoot, King Khan recently completed an action sequence for his home production Billoo Barber directed by Priyadarshan. Talking about it About SRK's professionalism, he says, "He had hurt himself prior to the shoot but you would never realise it the way he has performed the action scenes."

Priyan further informs, "We shot …

Vinay bana SRK!

Mumbai:We've had a play on Shabana Azmi. And then there was Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon inspired by Mrs Nene. Now there's a film that is named after Shah Rukh Khan.


Titled SRK, the satire which is ready for release, has been directed by Ajay Varma who once edited Ram Gopal Varma's films. Vinay Pathak plays SRK. Incident-ally the real SRK co-stars with Vinay in Aditya Chopra's Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

Says Vinay, "It's actually a remake of the Malayalam film Chinthavisthayaya Shyamalan which was directed by Priya-darshan's assistant. The Hindi remake was obviously named after the one and only SRK which is the acronym for my character's full name Shivraj Rao Khote. But he likes to be called SRK, a name  that every Indian  identifies with."

No Gauri

Rituparna Sengupta co-stars with Vinay in SRK. So is she named Gauri in the film?
"I'm afraid not," he chuckles.

SRK ( Super Rocking Khan )

SRK fans, Its time to cheer up ... SRK is still going high ...

Starting with the Temptations Reloaded world tour, SRK is an extremely busy person now as usual .. Billoo Barber - SRK as Shahrukh himself with item numbers with Deepika Padukone , Priyanka & Kareena Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi - Expectation can be summarized with one word - another Aditya Chopra Movie Karan Johar's Next - My Name is Khan - The dream pair SRK-Kajol is back in a blockbuster director's movie Happy New Year - The Wonder pair Farah-SRK getting ready to take u to the world of entertainment again .. The expectation is at all-time high as MHN and OSO did wonders ... DON2 - Exciting proj, but as of now its doubtful whether it will remain as a dream for SRK fans .. :( Excited ??? Now, get even more excited .. Yet another movie is on the way .. Yash Chopra's Next Directorial venture - Not titled yet ... - SRK and Katrina Kaif pairing for the first time .. (Expect nothing but yet another blockbuster memorable film as YashRaj-SRK pair is never less than a blockbuster).. Yash Chopr…

Trio Khan: Salman & Shah Rukh Khan Brawl & Aamir Umpire

The biggest Bollywood bash comes to an end abruptly, Police had to be deployed immediately and party was cut short.
It was special birthday party of Katrina Kaif given by Salman Khan. With A list stars; Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Gauri Khan, Karan Johar, Deepika Paudkone, Ranbir, Aamir Khan, etc, the dance floor was just heating up with all hot babe and cool hunks of Bollywood. But !
Karan Arjun of Bollywood started Mahabharat during the party, the brawl gets completely out of hand. Salman Khan has openly threatened to KILL Shah Rukh Khan. It was only after Aamir Khan's intervention the brawl ended and the police arrived in the scene. musicNmovies brings you an EXCLUSIVE coverage on this story - HOW IT HAPPEND. Keep Reading… It was around midnight 12 AM, Friday 19 July 2008, Shah Rukh Khan made entrance to the party at Olive Bar & Kitchen, Bandra along with Gauri and Karan. There were already almost complete Bollywood present in Katrina's Birthday Bash given by Salman Kha…

Shahrukh-Salman pick up fight at Katrina’s b’day party

The façade of friendship and amiable relations between Shah Rukh and Salman slipped at Katrina Kaif's birthday party on July 16 and what came out in the open was hidden hostilities and unhealthy rivalry between the two super stars. Eyewitnesses reveal that the verbal duel between the duo got so heated up that they almost became physical and on the verge of punching each other. Salman had thrown a lavish birthday party for girlfriend Katrina at Olive Bar and Kitchen, Bandra, in which all the bigwigs of filmdom were invited. According to a newspaper, "Salman was already high when SRK and Gauri walked in. After downing a few more drinks, Sallu started picking on SRK." Shah Rukh had reportedly turned down Salman's request to do a guest appearance in Main Aur Mrs Khanna, which is being produced by Salman and Sohail. This did not go well with Salman, who had gone out of his way to do favours for King Khan. Sallu had made a special appearance in SRK's home production &#…

“… Tu kya marega? Tu haath toh utha, main maroonga tujhe. Woh bhi teri party main, aur tere doston ke saamne.”

Salman Khan said to Shahrukh "… Your show Paanchvi Paas is a big flop and now you are trying to sabotage my show. You are a matlabi insaan. You only call people when you need them, and then don't keep in touch."Shahrukh replied "… No one wants to watch your show, or be friends with you". At this point, Salman told SRK to keep quiet or he would beat him up."… Tu kya marega? Tu haath toh utha, main maroonga tujhe. Woh bhi teri party main, aur tere doston ke saamne." The two men stared at each other and would've come to blows within minutes had Gauri not intervened and told SRK that she wanted to leave.This all happened at Katrina Kaif's Birthday Party (as reported by Mid-day) when SRK and Salman came face to face. These over 40yrs old HEROS are really kids in REAL life, what say?


Thanks & Regards :
Naveed Akthar

13-year-old crosses border for SRK

Shah Rukh Khan (TOI Photo) AMRITSAR: His obsession for Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan made him flee his home in Pakistan and cross man-made borders, only to be caught by those guarding these. But luck was on his side and he was handed over back to the Pakistan Rangers after completing the formalities.

The desire to meet the actor was too much for Mohammad Alim (13), a resident of Khangarh in Mujjaffarnagar, Pakistan, and son of Faiz Bakash, a poor vegetable vendor, that he crossed over into the Indian side. He was the youngest of the four brothers and sisters, he said. It was routine patrolling along the international border late on July 13 when a BSF patrolling party spotted a young boy arriving from Pakistan near Mahwa border. He was asked to stop and arrested.

During interrogation he maintained that he was a die-hard fan of Shah Rukh. He even enacted scenes from his movies, which were sufficient proof for the BSF to trust his intentions.

BSF DIG Mohammad Acqil said, &quo…

Shahrukh takes his next stride in Television

Shahrukh Khan has decided that its time he takes his next stride in the small screen and not just anchor shows. King Khan will soon turn a producer for the entertainment channel E24. The channel is run by Anuradha Prasad of the B.A.G Films & Media Limited. SRK's better half Gauri Khan will be hosting a chat show on the channel

Shahrukh incidentally started his carrer in the small screen with the serials like Dil Dariya, Fauji and Circus. Shahrukh had also hosted the third season of Kaun Banega Crorepati. However his last show Kya Aap Paanchvi Paas Se Tez Hai failed to impress the audience and the channel had shorten the number of episodes in the show.

‘I had to wake up at 6.30 to belly dance’

urkish belly dancer. (TOI Photo) Tanyeli, the most famous Turkish belly dancer the world has ever seen, is known to charge as much as US $40,000 for a performance, but for Bollywood the beautiful belle makes a concession. "I charge only US $25,000 because I love India, the people, culture and Bollywood.

I have a huge collection of Hindi film DVDs," she told BT after shaking her belly and booty for Apoorva Lakhia's Mission Istanbul. "He's not an easy man to work with," she complained, "I had to wake up at 6.30 am every day. And I hardly danced a minute before everyone started shouting, 'Stop, Cut!' I'm really not used to that. At home, my day begins at 11... I'm the master of the stage and nobody tells me what to do."

But she enjoyed the experience and may be doing another dance number for Apoorva in his next Bollywood film. She's been dancing since she was 18, that was 12 years ago, her mother was a belly dancer and so w…