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Shahrukh & Gauri Khan to endorse D'Decor

For the very first time, superstar Sharukh Khan is working together with his wife Gauri Khan, as the couple endorses D'Décor, the third largest furnishing company the world over, in capacity as its brand ambassador.

Sharukh while speaking to media at the Taj Lands End Hotel, during the official announcement ceremony of declaring him and his wife as brand ambassador said that, he feels quite humble and contended when any company appoints him to be its brand ambassador, and so is delighted now that he is a member of D'Décor family.

Gauri who too graced the occasion with her presence said that, she has never worked so hard before and that as she worked continuously for two days, and was sleeping for next two days after that. But then she did say that, it was a great experience.

Ajay Arora, Managing Director of D'Décor was the one, who decided on the couple to endorse the brand as he thought they best fit in the definition of the perfect homemakers.

According t…

They’ve all run away: SRK

His Ra.One may be a massive VFX extravaganza but after the release of the superhero flick and the sequel to Don, Shah Rukh Khan wants to make a "small" romantic comedy.

Khan reveals that he's been meeting with newer directors to work out the logistics of the movie. "But no one wants to make a small film with me," he jokes. "I've had a chat with a lot of wonderful, new guys like Anurag Basu, Imtiaz Ali, Anurag Kashyap and Vishal Bharadwaj and I've told them that I want to make a small, interesting and stylised purely romantic film on characters my age. I want to produce it under the Red Chillies banner, but no one's come up with a script yet."

After seeing the success of recent small-budget Hindi films, Khan thinks that small is the new big, and is determined to make one too. "I'm already making a low-budget, sweet film about college and high school kids called Always Kabhi Kabhi, directed by Roshan Abbas, which should rel…

News Break: 'Ra.One' release confirmed

The producers of the much-awaited RA.ONE, starring Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal, have finalized the date of release: 3rd June, 2011. The film will arrive soon after the IPL cricket matches next year. Remember you read this on Bollywood Hungama reference to: "The producers of the much-awaited RA.ONE, starring Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal, have finalized the date of release: 3rd June, 2011. The film will arrive soon after the IPL cricket matches next year. Remember you read this on Bollywood Hungama FIRST."
- News Break: 'Ra.One' release confirmed (view on Google Sidewiki)

SRK’s the man, say producers

Shah Rukh Khan is set to become the first actor who is being considered to be in the core committee of the film industry's Producers' Association.

BT learned from reliable sources, that the producers will be suggesting that SRK be made part of a heavyweight, decision-making body that will look at keeping them unified and address issues that filmmakers across India face. The Bollywood Badshah's inclusion will be brought up when the producers meet soon to conduct their annual general meeting ( AGM).

"Shah Rukh's contribution in the last two decades is being kept in mind. He has been a successful actor and a producer. He is seen as a marketing wiz and the producers want him to give his inputs on taking the industry to the next level," says a top producer.

"He will be consulted for strategies on how to keep the producers united. The last time they put up a brave front against the multiplex owners over profit sharing and screen timings,…

I’ll slap the person who talks rubbish about SRK and me: Karan Johar

Every artist in showbiz is kept under a microscope by his fans and the media as it is after all they who make an artist a celebrity by acknowledging his talent. It thus becomes imperative for the celebrity to silence their curiosity, no matter how personal or annoying it is!

Karan Johar's sexual preference and personal life is often a topic of interest. The filmmaker even gets posts addressed to him on his microblogging site asking the same! Rumours of his alleged 'close' relationship with SRK too keep floating around in social circles and media.

Though KJO or SRK do not pay heed to the unflattering things said about their friendship, or at times make fun of the news themselves KJO couldn't help but retort to the journalist who dared to ask him a question on it.

"Shah Rukh is like my elder brother. He is seven years older than me. I respect him the way I respect my parents. I am closer to his wife Gauri. I have worked with Shah Rukh the most as a filmma…

My children are my harshest critics, says Shahrukh Khan

London, Aug 29 (PTI) Describing his children as his harshest critics, Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan says he has become a better film actor thanks to them.

Writing in the magazine of The Mail on Sunday on "The Secrets of my success", Khan wrote, "Now I have kids, I enjoy them more than acting, but it''s certain I''ve become a better film actor thanks to them as well.

"They''re my harshest critics. They''re honest and say things like, ''That''s no good; you can do better.'' If you appeal to their honesty, I think you can be a very good actor," he added.

With 70 films to his name, hundreds of millions of fans and 13 Filmfare awards, Bollywood''s equivalent of Oscars, seven of his being for Best Actor, Khan can lay claim to the title of world''s biggest film star, the report said.
As well as being a successful actor, producer and TV presenter, he has fronted the Indian version of …

Ra. One Preview: Have a sneak peek into Shahrukh Khan’s next

Shahrukh Khan, for the 1st time in his career, is delving into superhero suit playing a superhero who can, somewhat, solidify electricity. Here is a brief look into what's on offer:Film: Ra. OneDirector Anubhav Sinha

Cast (includes): Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Shahana Goswami, Dalip Tahil, Dorian Kingi

Music composer: Vishal-Shekhar

Genre: Action Thriller (Superhero)

Storyline: Story revolves around a videogame in which a conflict ensues between the hero and the villain. A software enginner named Jeevan, in his endeavour to get in contact with his teenage son, breathes life to a videogame villain who eventually becomes real. Leaping off from the fantasy videogaming world, the villain turns real (much like the classic Frankenstein) and kills its creator. Now, the son ventures out to seek revenge. In his quest to avenge his father's murder, he must get access to his father's mind which holds the clue to the hero. The son must seep into his father's imagin…

I am keen to watch Dabangg: SRK

Wherever there is SRK, witty one-liners and sharp sarcasm is expected but so is the good 2-3 hours of delay! Shah Rukh kept the media waiting for long before he made his smashing appearance in beige coat, blue jeans and white shirt as he and wife Gauri were declared the brand ambassadors of furnishing brand D'Decor. However, once the actor took the stage, the agonizing wait was worth it as he didn't leave a single stone unturned to satiate scribes as he answered questions ranging from his wife, bank balance, Salman Khan and even commonwealth games with immense patience. SRK apologized to the media and then joked, "I am not a small star to come on time bhai." Gauri Khan we hear was not keen on attending the press conference but it was SRK who convinced his wife to face the media. Gauri however barely spoke! Hubby dearest did all the talking and confessed that though he is protective of his family, D'Decor was a brand which symbolized the togetherness of a family…

A Minute With: Shah Rukh Khan gets up close and personal

MUMBAI (Reuters) – One of India's most popular superstars, Shah Rukh Khan, is known for guarding his personal life fiercely from the media glare. But for a change he has allowed a bit of the spotlight into his home, appearing in an ad campaign for a furnishing brand with wife Gauri, their first endorsement together. Khan, 44, spoke to Reuters about doing an ad with his wife and pushing the boundaries as a producer in Bollywood. Q: You have said you don't mix your professional and personal life. So were there apprehensions about doing an ad film with your wife, Gauri? A: I am apprehensive. When you get into the public field you do open yourself to a lot of positives and negatives. For someone who is not planning to get into the field, maybe it is not the right thing to do. Gauri doesn't want to do this full-time. She's done it as a one-off, and she's happy with it. So, yes, I am apprehensive. If my kid decides to be an actor, I will be very clear that you are…

Berlin is the venue for Bollywood Production

Twice visited Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan Berlinale, now here he turns even a movie: The sequel to the thriller " Don "- and still looking for extras. The star gives birth Rummel quite strange flowers. It's not always been unusual that a fan would expect for a new film of his idol little more, until the next comes to the movies . In the past boys were playing then the longed - Winnetou adventure based on the historical document , that of today is not enough of that. The next Shah Rukh Khan ways off ? Well, then we will make us even own an earlier set pieces from the films of Bollywood -mimes , with lots of action and even more beautiful fiery-eyed women.However, one such find in the Internet, meet a few clicks: "Berlin Goes Bollywood " , a scrappy private preview version of ' Don 2 ' , which starts from the Khan community eagerly awaited continuation of the Indo - mafia thriller " Don - The game " Shah Rukh Khan with the beauti…

Low budget Shah Rukh Khan to be near

In the extras casting for the new film of Bollywood stars were also the fans snake.Giggling winds the mother of her daughter Denise twelve years the tape measure around the chest . "She wants to be famous, " she explains , is why you have the dad , the extras casting the agency " faces recommended film . And so the two are now in the ever -lengthening queue in front of the house in Moab Thomasius street. ' shoulder I can write , right? "asked Denise , looking unsure of its filing on paper. Who wants to be an extra , a quantity tell about itself: clothing size , shoe size , chest circumference and the hair length. The agency was looking for extras yesterday for the continuation of the thriller " Don "with Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan , for the continuation of the German comedy " Men's hearts, " and two movies playing in Moscow . "All great , "says Denise. You do not care what movie they should play in - unlike many…

'I am very protective about my family'

Shah Rukh Khan was in full form on Thursday as he cracked jokes with the media during a press conference to announce his wife, Gauri, as the brand ambassador of a furnishing brand, D'decor.The actor, who seems to have lost a lot of weight after returning home from a 70 day hectic schedule of Ra.One in London, shot for the ad with his wife. He even tweeted about how nervous he was about shooting with her: 'Preparing for a "big shoot" 2maro. No it's not with ten cameras. it is with Gauri for D decor brand furnishings. very nervous (sic),' he tweeted a day earlier.But there was no sign of nervousness at the launch where Rajul Hegde got to fire some quick questions at the star and his wife. Excerpts:How did you convince Gauri to do the commercial? The decision was entirely hers. That is what trust and love is all about. Gauri did not feature in this ad for money. She has interest in furnishing. The owners of the brand are family friends, so she was c…

Second SRK docu out next month

Just one 10-episode documentary on superstar Shah Rukh Khan's life did not satisfy his fans, it seems. Starting September 1, the second season of Living With A Superstar: Shah Rukh Khan will be telecast on Discovery TLC.

In a unique re-launch strategy, new episodes from Khan's life
will be aired every night for the first month at 10 pm, followed by a repeat telecast the next day at 11 pm.

About the success of the first edition, Khan says, "People contacted me with comments like, 'We saw your life and it's really nice', 'It's nice to know your perspective about failure and success...' and 'we never knew that you also have fears and insecurities...'."

The first season of the show involved a camera crew literally living with the actor, interacting with his family and hanging around his film sets. At the time, Khan was shooting Karan Johar's My Name Is Khan. This season will see him talking abou…

Farah and I are friends: SRK

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan has cleared the air over a reported rift with choreographer-director Farah Khan, saying that just because he wasn't on her next project didn't mean that they weren't friends.

He wished her luck for her next film "Tees Maar Khan", for which she signed on Akshay Kumar instead of Shah Rukh.

"My friendship with all is as it was before, love them the same way. Many times if we are not working with each other doesn't mean that I hate her or end of friendship. I don't take my wife's decision, how could I take others. I want to see everyone doing well.

"When I am shooting with someone, I am more in touch with him. This time I am not in touch with Farah but wish her all the success and hope this film ('Tees Maar Khan') becomes a bigger hit than 'Om Shanti Om', which was her last film. I just hope she become even a bigger producer. Yes, she is a friend of mine. I am not doing a film with her, which doe…

Celebrating TV in front of SRK’s home

In a unique initiative which can be seen very flattering as well as a nuisance for Shah Rukh Khan, an upcoming film Khichdi will be holding a promotional event outside Mannat, the residence of the superstar. Mannat has a small park opposite its gates and the organisers have been able to get permission to hold the event there. where the first poster of the film will be unveiled.The significance of doing the event in an open area outside SRK's residence is to mark the phenomenal success the actor has achieved on the big screen after starting out as a TV actor. Khichdi is India's first TV series that is being made into a film. The popular comic characters of the series will stage this event to underline the fact that TV stars can be successful on the big screen too.The organisers have not taken SRK's permission for this event. Along side the posters of Khichdi, they will also display the poster of Deewana, Shah Rukh's first film."Its symbolic. What the…

I am too old for Bollywood: Gauri Khan

Gauri Khan, wife of superstar Shah Rukh Khan said she is too old to try her luck in Bollywood.

The star-wife, who features in a TV commercial for the first time, as the brand ambassador of a furnishing brand with Shah Rukh, was speaking to the media here today.

To a question if she would want to try out acting in a film after working in a television ad, Gauri said, "I am too old to be in films. If I was younger, may be I would have considered."

Incidentally, she is the producer of SRK's movies like Om Shanti Om, Main Hoon Na, Billu and the upcoming

When asked if she would have featured in the ad with any other actor, Gauri said she was in the project because of her husband.

"It was a home concept and it would be awkward for me to feature in it with any other man," she said.

Shah Rukh, who was present at the press conference was the doting, protective husband as Gauri faced a barrage of questions.

On being asked how was the experience of facing the arch l…

Shah Rukh Khan Tops 6 Lakh Followers On Twitter

Shah Rukh Khan celebrated crossing six lakh followers on the micro-blogging website,, by calling for "ideas for better films", from his fans. Asking his fans for the one thing they would "want to see different in Indian films" Shah Rukh conducted a snap poll and concluded that "songs & dances should lessen or become more realistic".The actor, who made his mark playing grey shades in Darr: A Violent Love Story and Baazigar, said thrillers "seemed (like) an idea" and so did stories that were more involved with reality. Shah Rukh accepted that "our screenplays are a bit hackneyed" and added that, "maybe time for screenplay schools…or courses."Last but not the least, the Bollywood actor, who is now playing a superhero in his next film, RA.ONE, accepted that he had a thing for biopics.  "I am also one for biopics…not only of very famous people…but of lesser known people who have interesting stories…

Have a story idea in mind? SRK's listening!

Badshah Khan is tired of those fully faltu Bollywood stories. Tweeting from the sets of his latest film in Hyderabad on Wednesday, Shah Rukh Khan asked fans to send in suggestions of what they would like to see in the movies.'I think our screenplays are a bit hackneyed. maybe time for screenplay schools...or courses,' he tweeted.What do you think? Is is time for Bollywood to change track and make different kinds of movies? Or do you think Bollywood wouldn't be Bollywood without the song and dance, the drama and the kitsch?


Which Khan will play the baddie

Speculation is rising as to who will play the bad man in Yash Raj Films' Dhoom 3. which is a sequel to Dhoom 2. Names of all the top Khans right from Shah Rukh Khan to Aamir Khan and Saif Ali Khan are being bandied about. While the first sequel had John in the neagative role, the second part had Hrithik playing the elusive thief. Abhishek Bachchan will undoubtedly play the lead with Uday Chopra as they have been constants in the previous films. The female lead will be decided only after the baddie has been signed on. Sources inform that since director Sanjay Gadhvi's Seven Days In Paris has been put on the back burner, he is back with Yash Raj Films. Producer Aditya Chopra is busy working on the script of Dhoom 3. Since Shah Rukh has always been the favourite of the Yash Raj banner, it is likely that he will play the bad man in the film. It will be good to see Shah Rukh play the baddie after a long time. The official announcement is awaited.
Source: http://www.deccan…

Shahrukh Khan all set to paint

Shahrukh Khan an indisputable King of Bollywood is all set to paint now. Yes, SRK will now endorse Nerolac Paints.  The sources revealed that Shahrukh has been inked upon as an official brand ambassador and selectors think he fits in the bill completely. The selectors also cited international exposure- a reason behind the selection.  Shahrukh has endorsed numerous brands so far from soft drinks to cars and certainly rings a bell with yet another brand.

‘Don 2’ to be shot in Berlin

In a development, which has elated Berlin tourism officials, a film starring Shah Rukh Khan is to be shot on location in the German capital this autumn, officials said on Tuesday. "This could be the breakthrough needed for making the Berlin destination known to the Indian market," Berlin tourism director Burkard Kieker said on Tuesday. "It's exactly what we want." "Don 2" — a sequel to the blockbuster "Don" — is being supported by the Berlin-Brandenburg film promotion company Medienboard to the tune of 550,000 euros (705,000 dollars). Farhan Akhtar will direct the flick, with the shoot scheduled to last 50 days and taking place in many landmark Berlin sites. Khan stirred up a bit of Bollywood fever in Berlin last winter when his film "My Name Is Khan" was featured at the Berlinale Film Festival. "The Indian superstar and the film location Berlin will make for a great couple before the largest audience in the world…

Shahrukh Khan: The Made in India Star!

If there is any one who is truly made in India, then it has to be superstar of B-Town, Shahrukh Khan!The popular number, which stormed into top chart buster slots, by Alisha Chinnai, 'Made in India', truly is applicable to our very own Shahrukh Khan!Recently, when Shahrukh Khan was in Hyderabad to shoot for a scene for his home production flick 'RA.ONE', he got quite nostalgic, and twittered about it on his page.Shahrukh's message went like-" Flew into Ramoji Rao in Hyderabad…..last I shot here was Baadshah, some 12 years ago…..time flies……and how nice to be here".SRK, further added his association with the city of Hyderabad, and he posted "I am half Hyderabadi (mom), half Pathan (Dad), some Kashmiri (grandmom), have a Punjabi wife and own a Kolkata (India Premier league) team. Indian at heart.Now, just to make this very authentic statement more convincing, may we add another line from Alisha's song- 'Dil Chahiye bus Made in India?'Of…

D Decor: Shahrukh Khan with wife Gauri Khan in front of the cameras

Shah Rukh Khan orShahrukh Khan, the famous Bollywood star, which cameras, the press and crowds is quite accustomed, seems the upcoming nervous filming with his pleasant wife Gauri Khan to be largely unknown.The Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan and wife Gauri Khan will soon be standing together in front of the cameras, because both were hired by a furniture store for an ad with the name of the furniture store "D Decor is" and therefore is not an IKEA-like segment, but with exclusive interior design ..suitable for Shahrukh Khan's taste. Where "D Decor" the three largest furniture brands around the world, even if the company in Germany, of course, we know little if at all.Might be read by Shah Rukh Khan, to give him that even the most creative and quite exclusive furniture from the "D Decor" and he, like Shahrukh Khan said, quite "nervous" given the upcoming filming of the commercials for "D Decor" with his wife Gauri Khan w…

SRK claims technology in Ra.One a first

Since its announcement, Ra.One has constantly been in the news. And Shah Rukh Khan's regular tweets are only increasing people's curiosity.

Back from an extensive European schedule, the actor enthuses that he's bringing new technology to Indian cinema. "I can vouch for the fact that it's never been used in Indian cinema before," Khan asserts, adding, "Whether it's the action or the visual effects, cinematography or the background work, musically and visually, it's the first time you'll see something like this in our cinema."

In the same vein, the actor-producer hopes it opens doors for Indian filmmakers to start using technology as an aspect of filmmaking. "I think there's a danger we will lose Indian audiences for Indian films very soon. The western inflow, westernisation of culture is already happening. There are genres of films, which if we don't venture into, our young audience will start looking for them in for…

SRK: Reading on underworld

Talking of Aamir Khan, my birdy from Bandra wants to give me some dope on Shah Rukh Khan. I’m informed that during the shooting of his superhero fantasy flick, Ra.One, the actor-producer seemed to have been bitten by the underworld bug. Now now, don’t leap to conclusions my dahlings. I’m
informed that when he wasn’t preoccupied with his movie, SRK would be busy reading Aabid Surti’s novel, Sufi. Well, that’s not surprising since the actor is known to be keen reader and has a wide variety of books in his library.

But, a book on the Mumbai underworld during the 1970s is not something one would readily associate with SRK’s taste in reading. Wonder if a dekko of Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai is next. Or shouldn’t I ask?in reference to: "that when he wasn’t preoccupied with his movie, SRK would be busy reading Aabid Surti’s novel, Sufi. Well, that’s not surprising since the actor is known to be keen reader and has a wide variety of books in his library. But, a book on the Mumbai underworl…

Lara all set to impress Shahrukh Khan

Lara Dutta seems to be all set to impress King Khan, after all who doesn't want to be in good books of Shahrukh. Actually, the actress is the new entrant in the sequel of Farhan Akhtars' Don which has SRK and Priyanka Chopra in the lead role. So, the gorgeous actress is leaving no stone unturned to match up with the style which the movie demands off. She is nowadays experimenting with her looks with Farhan who will eventually take the final call. "Look-test went well. I tried out four different options. Will now, decide on the final look with Farhan. Was pretty happy though," exclaims Lara on the micro-blogging site. It may be recalled here; Lara recently had attended workshops for the same movie and now is so particular about her looks.  Along with Lara, Kunal Kapoor has also been roped for a charcater which was earlier to be played by Arjun Rampal. However, due to creative diffrences, Arjun backed out and Kunal came in the picture.  Source: http://movi…

Shah Rukh Khan chosen as brand ambassador for Nerolac Paints?

There are film stars, mega stars, superstars and then, there's the unanimous star of them all: Shah Rukh Khan!

Sources close to Bollywood Hungama have informed that the King Khan has now been chosen to be the brand ambassador of Nerolac Paints. Our source also added that the reason to choose SRK as the ambassador was because of his global appeal! Even though the finer details of the deal are still being worked upon, there are strong rumors that SRK had flown to Kolkata late last week to sign on the dotted lines.

What can we say besides, long live King Khan... and his never-ending list of brand endorsements.


The Shahrukhis of Vienna: Full transcript

New Delhi:  Meet Shahrukhis, the German speaking fans of King Khan. They talk about Shahrukh, collect his memorabilia, watch his films together, dance to his film songs and plan their next visit to meet Shahrukh. Many of them have even visited India for his birthday.

Here's the full transcript of the NDTV documentary on the Shahrukhis of Vienna:

26-year-old Marlene is the first Shahrukhi we meet in Vienna, Austria. Shahrukhi is a term coined by German speaking fans of Shahrukh Khan to describe themselves.

Marlene works as an office assistant and she is taking us home to her one bedroom apartment uptown.

Marlene's private world is minimalistic, except for one ornamentation - Shahrukh Khan.

She has a collection of coffee mugs, posters, Indian movie magazines, DVDs, biscuit packets, almost any item emblazoned with Shahrukh Khan's face.

Facing Marlene's bed is a giant cutout of Om Shanti Om.

Marlene Zachs a resident of Vienna says about the giant cut…

Shah Rukh Khan in Berlin looks as extras

 Bollywood fans, hold on to your heart! Shah Rukh Khan is coming to the capital. And even better: He is looking for extras in Mission and the continuation of the thriller "Don", which will be shot in autumn in Berlin.

On 25 and 27.8. and at 1.9. (14-17 Clock) increases for a mega-casting. Wanted good looking European men and women 25-55 years, the business, bankers and politicians or bodyguard types or models or hostesses are intended to represent. Anyone with a decent suit, shirt and tie or business suit in the closet or face a fine advertising, can be bewerben.Insgesamt 2500 Actors sought for other productions - including in 1000 alone, Russian-speaking, Eastern European extras for two Russian films to be shot in Berlin. But the continuation of the comedy "Men's hearts" need Statisten.Lust? Then off to the casting for the film agency faces Thomasiusstr. 26/27 in Tiergarten. When casting to be made only photos and data recorded, nobody has to sing or dance! cam…

Shooting with Gauri makes SRK nervous

He may have faced the camera for numerous brand endorsements and films, but superstar Shah Rukh Khan is feeling jittery as he prepares to shoot with his wife Gauri for the first time for a television commercial. "Preparing for a "big shoot" 2maro. No it's not with ten cameras. it is with Gauri for D decor brand furnishings....very nervous (sic)," SRK tweeted last night. When contacted Ajay Arora, MD of D decor, the furnishing brand for which the star couple are the brand ambassador, said Shah Rukh and Gauri as a couple highlight the aspirations of millions of homes. "They are a dream couple and it is the dream of millions of couples that their homes should be fashionable," he said. Arora said Gauri agreed to be part of the team because she believed in the concept of the dream of having a beautiful and fashionable house.
"Gauri is better prepared for the shoot and Shah Rukh is much more talented. Hence together, they make a u…

Shoot with wife gives Shah Rukh jitters

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan can face 10 cameras at a time without feeling conscious, but says he is extremely nervous about a shoot with wife Gauri for a furniture brand.

"Preparing for a 'big' shoot tomorrow. No its not Ra.One with 10 cameras. It is with Gauri for D Decor brand of furnishings... very nervous... just got to know that D Decor is the third largest furnishing brand in the world. great entrepreneurship," Shah Rukh posted on his Twitter page.

The pair tied the knot 19 years ago and have two children - Aryan and Suhana.

Shah Rukh has been shooting in London for his home production Ra.One for the past few months.

Even though he has been busy with his shooting, the actor took out time to watch Yash Raj Films' Lafangey Parindey starring Neil Nitin Mukesh and Deepika Padukone.

Deepika made her Bollywood debut with Shah Rukh and has managed to received a compliment from him for her work in Lafangey Parindey, directed by Pradeep Sarkar.…

Shah Rukh lends his 'Robot' to Shankar

It's so sweet. Shah Rukh Khan had parted ways with Shankar the director on a not-very-nice note. The title of Shankar's film, to make things worse, was registered with SRK's company, Red Chillies, which was then meant to produce Robot, the latest Rajnikant-Ash starrer. However when Shankar requested Khan to release the title of the flick to avoid any legal glitches, the superstar had no second thoughts. All bad vibes were dissipated with this kind gesture.

It can be recalled that Shah Rukh Khan and Shankar got together to make Robot, a project which was extremely close to both their hearts. Both of them worked on the script for months before they began squabbling over creative differences. SRK refused to do the film and announced to the world that he was no longer associated with Robot. This was two years ago, just prior to the release of Om Shanti Om. Shankar went ahead and made the film with Rajnikant and Aishwarya Rai. SRK though always wanted to do a superhero film;…

Endhiran has a secret connection with Ra.One

Well anything can happen in the Indian filmindustryBollywood and the latest to add to this non challenging belief is the small connection between two big movies Ra.One which is a Shahrukh Khan film and the another one is the Robot which is a film starring Aishwarya and Rajinikanth together for the first time.According to the sources in the beginning the title Robot was owned by Red Chillies which is a Shahrukh khan owned venture and he was chosen to be the part of this film which was been directed by Shanker.For both the Bollywood biggies, this was a dream project and therefore they were working together extensively to turn it into a beautiful reality on the screen but then due to difference in approach they had to choose different ways and therefore separated. After this initial tiff, the director went ahead with the famous actor from the south Rajnikanth and the king khan started working on his own venture calling it Shahrukh Khan moved forward with his project the…

SRK's tattoo fun with kids

Shah Rukh Khan, Aryan and Suhana More Pics
Shah Rukh Khan posted pictures of himself and his kids, Aryan and Suhana, covered in henna designs from a random home photo shoot he called "sci fi meets twilight meets aliens."

Meanwhile, Gauri has been looking after her ailing dad, RC Chhiba, in Delhi. However, SRK won't be visiting him in the hospital again. Says a source, "He won't come to the hospital. Everything comes to a standstill when people see him.

This disturbs not only the discipline, but also the health of other patients. Khan doesn't wish to disturb anyone, and has decided not to pay a visit to Escorts and repeat what happened at Max Healthcare, Saket." Meanwhile, RC Chhiba's angioplasty has been done (the two stents have been placed) successfully and he's out of the ICU, according to Ranjana Smetacek, official spokesperson for Escorts Heart Institute, New Friends Colony. But that doesn't mean Khan won't come t…