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SRK's Ghajini moment?

One wondered why Shahrukh Khan's most ambitious project RaOne is named after the villain in the film, and not the super hero G1 that he plays (G stands for his wife Gauri and One is his position in the industry as per witty and immodest star). 

SRK tried to solve this for us. He gave examples of Sholay, Mr India and Sadak, saying that the villainous characters Gabbar Singh, Mogambo and Maharani (Sadashiv Amrapurkar's character in Sadak) in these films became extremely popular, larger than life and they are remembered till now. Hence he decided to name his film after the film's villain who is called RaOne. But Shahrukh, you forgot the most apt example - and the most recent film of all that belonged to your arch rival - Aamir Khan's Ghajini. Wasn't the super successful film Ghajini named after the villain in the film? Was the amnesia deliberate?


I'm No. 1 in the industry: SRK

Shah Rukh Khan isn't called the Badshah Khan for nothing. After his team's favorable performance in the IPL, Shah Rukh is confidence personified, and he still has something to tom tom about - himself!

Yes, at a recent event where Shah Rukh Khan launched the first theatrical promo of his much ambitious project Ra.One, SRK went on to say that he plays the superhero 'G1' in the movie. And just what does G1 stand for? The witty and immodest SRK explained, "G stands for Gauri and 1 is my position in the industry!"

Shah Rukh added, "Ra.One is a father-son love story. It's a family entertainer like most of my films are, and is meant for kids and adults alike. We have released the promotions nine months before the actual release of the movie because we would like the audience to know who G1 really is. So our entire endeavour is to introduce G1 to the masses in the best possible way. I want them to know the superhero and everything he is capable o…

Don't Drag Me Into 2G Scam: SRK

Shah Rukh Khan has clarified his relationship with the founder of Cineyug Films Karim Morani who is in jail for his alleged involvement in 2G scam. He also requested mediapersons not to drag him into the whole issue.

The superstar said the arrest of Bollywood bigwig Karim Morani will not affect his personal and professional relationship with the financier.

He also rubbished suggestions that Cineyug, which is owned by Morani, had transferred funds to Kalaignar TV through his production house Red Chillies Entertainment.

"I have personal relations with several people in the industry. Cineyug has been part of the industry much before I came in. Lot of actors and actresses are friendly with the Moranis who are good people. The matter is sub-judice and the law will take its own course. We are all law abiding people," SRK told reporters here.

"On personal level, equations don't change," he added.

The actor said Morani stepped in as the associate producer …

SRK close to nab the pirate!

Shahrukh Khan is one actor who can induce light moments despite the seriousness of any issues. However, this time King Khan is very upset about the item number from his movie 'Ra.One' getting leaked online. The superstar has managed to trace the person responsible and the truth might be soon out. SRK is being extra caution about the security and updated the team to be careful. "I have been depressed after I came to know about it. Thankfully, the leaked song is not the final copy but the previous one which we recorded. We have also traced the IP address and will get to the person soon," he concluded.So, SRK better be careful this time as even Dabangg Khan is worried about 'Ready' and the high rate of piracy existing in the country!

'G.One', G for Gauri and One for my position in the industry, says SRK

Shahrukh Khan was overwhelmed during the launch of the theatrical promos of his ambitious project 'Ra.One'. The superstar revealed the fact that he is not the 'Ra.One' in the movie but 'G.One' which is a positive character. On asking what 'G.One' stands for, King Khan who was at his comic best said, "G stands for Gauri and one stands for my position in the industry (he chuckled).""We will reveal Ra.One soon but right now people need to get into the psyche of G.One which will be played by me. Its introduction of new technology and hence we will disclose things one by one," he concludes.SRK claims 'Ra.One' to be a family entertainer and tried to make a commercial movie about a father son relationship.Source:

80% SRK is real

Shahrukh Khan is leaving no stone unturned to promote 'Ra.One' which is one of the most anticipated projects of his career. While, with other superheroes films in the industry comparisons are bound to happen to which SRK asserts that 'Ra.One' is not made to overtake any film but just to entertain his fans. SRK has performed many stunts on his own in 'Ra.One' and claims one of the train sequel to be the most tiring scene for him.  King Khan seems to have done his homework well before entering into a heroic genre and said, "I love comic and superhero films. I am very inspired with 'Krrish' and 'Drona'. I felt I was too old to play a superhero but thought to try and worked hard on the movie. I am keen to watch 'Krrish 2' and hope it does 100 times better."While talking about stunts the superstar said, "I have performed almost 75% to 80% stunts on my own. It was very difficult at times and it's more difficult…

SRK says Morani's arrest won't affect relations

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan on Tuesday said that the arrest of Bollywood bigwig Karim Morani in the 2G scam will not affect his personal and professional relationship with the financier.He also rubbished suggestions that Cineyug, which is owned by Morani, had transferred funds to Kalaignar TV through his production house Red Chillies Entertainment."I have personal relations with several people in the industry. Cineyug has been part of the industry much before I came in. Lot of actors and actresses are friendly with the Moranis who are good people. The matter is sub-judice and the law will take its own course. We are all law abiding people," SRK told reporters in Mumbai."On personal level, equations don't change," he added.The actor said that Morani stepped in as the associate producer of his film Ra.One because his close friend and associate producer Bobby Chawla fell ill. "Some one had to fill in, so I asked a friend (Morani) and he did a great jo…

'Chammak Challo' song from Ra.One leaked on the internet

Shah Rukh Khan must be a stressed man. The audio of the much awaited song 'Chammak Challo' from his super hero flick Ra.One has already been leaked on the internet. It's a rough cut of the song which is supposed to be the best track of the album.

'Wanna be my Chammak Challo' sung by the Senegalese-American R&B sensation Akon, is a very hip and happening track with Punjabi beats. It's a very catchy number. The song has already become a rage among internet users with many of them sharing it on social networking sites.

The song choreographed by Ganesh Hegde is picturised on Kareena Kapoor, and will show her in a desi avatar with a nose ring and jhumkas.


'Ra.One' to be entered in record books

Shah Rukh Khan will enter his film in the Limca Book Of Records by circulating the longest fan mail in the world

In a unique promotional strategy for Shah Rukh Khan's next Ra.One, the superstar has planned to start the longest fan mail for the film. It will earn an entry in the Limca Book Of Records.

SRK will also unveil the film's promo across five cities in India soon. Says a source, "He plans his film's promotional strategies himself and in tandem with his team. 

Now he has planned the events in such a way that before the sci-fi thriller releases, every Indian city would have heard of the film."

First of its kind
The source adds, "From today, he kicks off an inter-city tour that stars, normally do just a month before the release.

But, in a first-of-its-kind strategy, SRK will be travelling to five cities every month. He will span 25 cities in five months. While SRK travels solo for this tour Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal join him for the other tours."


Chammak Challo from SRK’s Ra.One leaked

Kareena Kapoor's item song 'Chammak Challo' which international star Akon has composed for SRK's 'Ra.One' has already made its way to the net.

Shah Rukh Khan's ambitious home-production Ra.One is already creating a lot of buzz, much before its release in the latter half of the year. But the latest on the film is that one song from the film has been leaked and already made its way to the internet. The song we are talking about is the same number which international star Akon was to compose for the film.

While it is a rough cut of the song, which may undergo more polishing before it makes it way to the audio CD; it pretty much gives the feel of the song. Also Akon's song is the same number on which Kareena Kapoor will be doing an item number in the film. ' Wanna Be My Chammak Challo ' is the track name and buzz is that Shah Rukh wants this one to be the most happening item-number. Ganesh Acharya has choreographed the number.

What's surprised us i…

Leaked song: Akon's number "Chammak Challo" from Ra. One

I guess we wont be able to hear this song until the movie promo comes out as this is an unofficial leaked song that was available online. The song is currently blocked from hearing. Very rightly so.But for those who gave the song a hear, the song will definetely be a rage.
This is Akon's song in SRK's Ra. One. This song is picturised on Kareena Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan. Read Akon's interview here where he talks about his first Hindi song Chammak Challo and also a news article about Kareena following a diet plan for Chammak Challo. So this seems to be the song for Ra One.The song is quite catchy. It reminds me a lot of Akon's hit Smack That. One thing is for sure, the song is going to rule the music charts for some time.

Akon’s first Hindi song

Singing is a part of art, and Indians understand music a lot, as there is a wide range of music in this land itself," says Akon. We caught up with Akon to talk to him about Bollywood, India, his first Indian song and much more.Indian fans
I was surprised to know how many fans I have here in India, especially in North and South India. They love me so much! So, I decided to tour in Bangalore, Delhi and Gurgaon. I will be playing hit chart numbers, as per audience demand. I wish I could perform all over the country, but because of time issues, i can't. The next time I perform in India, it will be in the rest of the cities, for sure.
Firstly, thanks to Shah Rukh Khan, who introduced me to Bollywood. I am very happy to be a part of it now. It's an amazing industry, with a great audience. In India, you have a large audience. Some day, I would love to act in Bollywood movies too, though I am not sure of the kind of movie to be in.
Chummuk Chullo
For my fans …

DON 2 has nothing to do with original

He may have got plenty of help from the Salim-Javed storyline of the original Don (1978) while scripting Don: The Chase Begins Again with Shah Rukh Khan, but for the sequel, Farhan Akhtar admits he's starting afresh. "Because it was a remake the story had to be somewhat similar. But for Don 2, it was like starting with a clean slate. I had the opportunity to do whatever I wanted to with those characters," says Farhan.But it is his next release as an actor, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (ZNMD), that is getting his attention these days. "Zoya's (director, sister Zoya Akhtar) film is releasing on July 15, and we want to leave no stone unturned. So Don 2 is on hold for a while, even through all the preparatory work is done. It will release in December as planned," says the actor-director.Ask him if Don 2 may get lost in the crowd, given Bollywood's packed schedule for December and that SRK's Ra.One would appear at the same time, Farhan retorts, &quo…

Karan Johar's birthday bash!

Karan Johar was not too happy about turning 39 recently and wanted to have a quiet birthday watching the cricket. However Shahrukh Khan decided against this and held a big party for the director at his home in Mannat, Mumbai.

Priyanka Chopra, Hrithik and Sussanne Roshan, Rani Mukherji, Shahid Kapoor, Preity Zinta, Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Arjun Rampal, Imran Khan and Karishma Kapoor were just some of the stars that attended the birthday bash.

It was not just Bollywood's A-listers that showed their love for the director but fans around the world wished the director happy birthday via twitter. Karan Johar showed his appreciation thanking fans for their love, he tweeted "Thank you all for all the love on my birthday!!! I feel truly blessed and very humbled...huge hug to all of you!!"

Karan Johar is getting back in the directors seat as his next film Student Of The Year is set to go on the floor in July. The film stars debutants Alia Bhatt, Siddhart…

'Genius' Shahrukh knows what the audience wants

Not many are aware that Shahrukh Khan knew his 'Always Kabhi Kabhi' director Roshan Abbas since their theatre days together in Delhi. More than two decades back, Roshan was Shahrukh's junior in theatre and the first time director has been impressed with the 'baadshah' of Bollywood ever since then."There are two things that I find incredibly tremendous about this man. One is his focus and another is his creativity," RJ turned filmmaker shares his own reasons behind such high regard that he holds for Shahrukh Khan, "He is someone who always looks for what audience wants. This isn't something which is coming to him today; he has been like that forever."Narrating an example of his creativity, he adds, "I remember how after he became a star, we did some chat shows together. At times we didn't even have a script in hand but he still managed to do things impromptu. I used to ask him a few things and he used to reply to them in…

Shah Rukh Khan gangs up with Tom Hanks

He isn't called King Khan for nothing! When the entire Bollywood clan is busy crowding facebook and twitter, Shah Rukh Khan has upped his game by joining the ranks of A-listers like Tom Hanks and Cristiano Ronaldo in the special invite-only A- web service, even becoming the first Indian to join the celebrated web gang.Jim Carrey, Enrique Iglesias, Steve Martin, Kevin Spacey, John Cusack and Keith Urban are among the other hotties on the elite, which caters exclusively to celebs across the globe to syndicate their social media and provide them with a common platform to tweet and facebook. "It's a VIP service for the famous," spilled our source. "It gives celebrities new control over their presence on the social media, so when you see someone posting via Whosay, you'll know it's authentic."After Los Angeles, New York, and London when Whosay decided to launch in India, they felt SRK would be perfect star to kick-start their servic…

Here's what to expect from Don 2 teaser

The world is waiting for the first teaser of Don 2, but what if we bring it to you right here and right now? As always, you get it here first on Bollywood Hungama. Don't be surprised! You may not be able to see the promo of Don 2 so soon but you may picture it in your mind.

A close source who happened to see the sneak peek of Don 2 teaser trailer a few weeks ago informs us, "Don 2 is a true sequel to make, cause to make a sequel to an original story like Don it is very difficult to keep up to the expectations of the first film. The teaser surely does live up to that expectations and what a teaser it is. Don 2 looks bigger in terms of visuals and content and action. We always wanted to know how Farhan Akhtar is going to do it but after the trailer it seems Farhan and Shah Rukh Khan have hit the nail bang on and hard."

The source gave
Bollywood Hungama the first exclusive sneak peek into the next big thing coming from SRK, Farhan and Excel Entertainment, "Th…

Always Kabhi Kabhi Cast Gets A Sneak Peek At Ra.One

Shah Rukh Khan showed the first rushes his next big release, Ra.One to the cast of his home production Always Kabhi Kabhi.

The actor is known for holding exclusive pre-release screenings of his upcoming movies for close friends and family members.

This time he made an exception and gave the young guns of Always Kabhi Kabhi Zoa Morani, Giselli Monteiro, Ali Fazal, Satyajit Dubey and also director Roshan Abbas, a sneak peek into Ra.One.

This happened when they were shooting for the film's song Antenna.

Says a source, "The shooting of the song got over at 2 am and SRK was heading home. Satyajit asked him about the experience of shooting a big and expensive film like Ra.One. Acting impromptu, Shah Rukh invited all of them to his vanity van. Roshan did try to dissuade the kids saying that SRK might be tired but he called them in and showed them the songs and major portions of the sci-fi thriller."

Roshan Abbas says, "The kids were blown away after they saw …

SRK retires hurt after he’s booed at IPL game

It was touted as the clash of the tournament. On Wednesday night, as Wankhede played host to a match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians, many saw it as the ultimate faceoff between two iconic Mumbaikars- Shah Rukh Khan and Mukesh Ambani.

And while the Ambani clan turned up in their all-blue regalia, cheering for their team, the KKR stand was shorn of its brightest star.

Shah Rukh Khan was not there. In fact he was far away, in the cosy confines of Mannat, watching the match on his giant LCD screen with good friend Karan Johar and other close friends.

And while the world was led to believe Khan was celebrating his best buddy's birthday - K Jo turned 39 last night - we were told by some of his closest friends that SRK's absence had a lot to do with a bruised ego as well.

Speaking exclusively to Mumbai Mirror, SRK's close friend and Juhi Chawla's husband, Jai Mehta, said, "The last time Shah Rukh turned up for a KKR match in the city, he was…

SRK comes to meet his lucky charm Priyanka before crucial IPL match!

Actor and IPL team KKR owner Shah Rukh Khan arrived at the Mehboob Studios in Bandra to meet his lucky charm and dear friend actress Priyanka Chopra who was shooting for a film.SRK who wore the KKR shirt looked chilled and calm and was seen requesting Priyanka to wind up early so that she could join the KKR team at the stadium for the crucial contest versus Mumbai Indians. It is said that Piggy Chops along with actor Hrithik Roshan is believed to be lucky charm for SRK's team KKR.


SRK had an exemplary journey in the industry, says Anupama Chopra

Eminent film critic and writer Anupama Chopra's new book 'First Day First Show' has already become a success with Shahrukh Khan's write up in its introductory page.

In an exclusive interview with the IANS, when Anupama was asked why did she chose Shahrukh to pen down the foreword for her book, the writer candidly articulated that the superstar's journey in the industry has been a very challenging and special one, and it is he who could summarize the changes in the film industry better than anyone else.While addressing IANS, Anupama said, "I asked him to write the foreword because he is somebody whose career I have followed very closely and who in a sense to me is one who actually exemplified the journey. The three Khans have really spearheaded Bollywood. So for me he was the best person to encapsulate how much things have changed."Anupama had earlier written King Khan's biography that was titled as 'King of Bollywood: Shah Rukh Khan and the sed…

Watch: Shah Rukh Khan's first video blog

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has fulfilled a promise to fans and posted his first video blog on Twitter on Wednesday in which he talks about his daughter's birthday and Kolkata Knight Riders' loss to Mumbai Indians in a recent IPL match. Khan rates the recent events in his life on a scale of one to 10 in the video blog and talks not just about his daughter Suhana's birthday celebrations but also promotes his upcoming film Ra.One in the one and half minute clip. Khan, who appeared on the video in a tan shirt wearing sunglasses, rates Suhana's birthday 11 and said he gave her a pink lipstick while one of her friends gifted a pink iPad and a white bikini.
But he rued KKR's loss to MI on May 22 and exclaimed "Minus 8, minus 8, Minus 8! I wanted to do hara-kiri" while talking about his IPL team's five-wicket defeat at Kolkata. But Khan said he still hoped that KKR will make up for it in the next match. On Ra.One, Khan said "I am going…

SRK's First Video Blog!

Shah Rukh Khan has posted his first video blog on Twitter, where he talks about everything - from family to movies and cricket.

In the 1 minute 32 second long video, the King Of Bollywood talks about celebrating his daughter Suhana's birthday, marking it on a scale of 1 to 10. He says, "give it 11 it was awesome, little girls dancing. I got her a pink lipstick and one of her friends gave her a pink ipad and a white bikini, so she was thrilled."

As the owner of the Kolkata Knight Riders, SRK says 'he wants to kill himself' after the loss against the Mumbai Indians but still hopes that KKR "will make up for it in the next match."

The superstar loses no time in promoting his new superhero movie Ra.One on the blog too. He is heard saying, "I am going to release the Ra.One trailer maybe by this month end or in the first week of July. I hope you all like it , I will give it 7 out of 10 and three I would keep with me coz as you know I am very …

Shah Rukh writes a foreword for a new book

Shah Rukh Khan has written a foreword for Anupama Chopra's forthcoming book on Bollywood First Day First Show. He writes, "She takes us into the lives of the stars, and into the struggles of those who never make it to centre stage; she lets us participate in the making of legendary hits like Sholay and Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge... she shows us the glamour as well as the murky links with the underworld. There is also the odd story of the royal bodyguard of Bhutan who became a scriptwriter; of the embarrassed Pakistani soldiers at Wagah border who could not allow their favourite Indian superstars to shoot." source: mid-day

Matrix and SRK ‘Kill the Cash’

Matrix has launched its latest TVC for the Matrix ForEx Cards starring Shah Rukh Khan and key players from the Kolkata Knight Riders team. The commercial follows Matrix's tie-up with the KKR team for Indian Premier League Season 4 as Principle Sponsor. The TVC, created by Equus Red Cell, was released on-air on May 19, 2011.The TVC first attracts attention for the use of the 'Don' theme. Swapan Seth, Founder and CEO, Equus Red Cell, divulged that the forthcoming release of the movie played a role in taking the 'Don' route. In a conversation with exchange4media, he said, "We thought the theme would generate greater curiosity. In fact, it was SRK who kindly offered it since he loved the idea and the film."In the ad film, SRK and his team players are arrested for 'killing cash'. Much like the movie, the commercial also includes a chase sequence, followed by an interrogation, where 'Don' and his team members speak on why cash had to…

SRK's bear hug for Sachin Tendulkar

Who? It's King Khan - About

Shahrukh becomes first Indian to join special invite-only web service used by A-listers like Cristiano Ronaldo and Tom Hanks

Shah Rukh Khan has joined the virtual league of international celebrities like Tom Hanks and Cristiano Ronaldo.

He is the first Indian member of a special invites-only website that allows famous personalities to syndicate their social media, providing them with one common platform to tweet, talk to fans on Facebook, etc.

Only for the famous
The website, called caters to popular athletes, artists, stars, wrestlers, etc across the world.

The social media service is for famous personalities where they can connect to their fans on various networks authorized by the website.

International celebrities actively using Whosay are Tom Hanks, Jim Carrey, Cristiano Ronaldo, Enrique Iglesias, Steve Martin, Kevin Spacey, John Cusack and Keith Urban.

Power to control
Says a source close to Shah Rukh, "Whosay is a VIP service for only famous people. If you are a popula…

SRK Wishes Speedy Recovery To `Superhero' Rajini


Calling him `superhero', Shah Rukh Khan has prayed for speedy recovery for the Tamil superstar Rajinikanth.

"Suddenly felt awful yesterday while driving back from the match to know Rajni sir is unwell. He is our superhero...insha allah he will be well soon," Shah Rukh said on micro-blogging site twitter.

Read more at:

SRK: I am still waiting to be a superstar

Shah Rukh Khan, who has been busy with his movies Ra.One and Don: The Chase Continues, took some time out to promote his new production Always Kabhi Kabhi, its young cast and debutant director Roshan Abbas.SRK addressed a press conference and talked about the film, today's youth and why he doesn't think he's a superstar.The film is titled Always Kabhi Kabhi. What is it that you 'Always' do and what is it that you do 'Kabhi Kabhi'? I am an actor. So I 'Always' lie, and 'Kabhi Kabhi' say the truth (Smiles).Could you identify with the film?Roshan has done an excellent job with the film. He did a thorough research. I could easily connect to the youth genre. The way today's school-going kids deal with their lives has completely changed.  There were things I could not do when I was in school. So I couldn't identify with a lot of things in the film. But I learnt a lot from it. The lead actors romanced pretty girls in the film, which I…

Bachpan ke din...

Shah Rukh Khan is truly the Baadshah of Bollywood, not just for of his stardom, but because he knows how to keep promises. In spite of a knee injury, SRK made sure he attended the music launch of his upcoming film and obliged the media with questions:

Pic/Satyajit Desai
Time's the teacher
Every morning I wake up to a new experience and a new lesson. Sometimes I wake wake up feeling like a nobody and I feel humble the whole day. When I make people smile, I feel very proud of myself and so I behave pompous. And the remaining days I feel like I have achieved so much that I can afford to be humble or pompous. I am a very vulnerable person and I like to live each day differently. I think people who live life according to a time-table are extremely boring. Life is your best teacher. My parents died early, so whatever I have learnt is through my experiences. Much as I try to spend time with my kids and teach them the meaningful truths of life, I know that eventually they'l…

Shahrukh Khan wanted to hit Chris Gayle but couldn’t manage it

Kolkata Knight Riders' owner, Shahrukh Khan, claimed that he tried to hit the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) batsman, Chris Gayle, but failed to do so because of his height.The West Indian player made his Indian Premier League-4 debut against KKR and smashed a terrific ton, taking the game away from the opposition.Shahrukh had a lot of respect for Gayle and praised the flamboyant cricketer by saying, "There is no one player who plays against any team, except Chris Gayle. He is a monster. I tired to hit him on his face but couldn't manage to because of his height."KKR had scored a decent total of 171 runs in the 24th game of the cash rich tournament against RCB and were favourites to win the match. However, Gayle was in devastating form and turned the match into a one-sided affair.The Caribbean dynamite smashed 102 runs off just 55 deliveries and finished the match with 11 balls to spare. He struck 10 fours and seven massive sixes in the innings and re…

Shahrukh Khan is hopeful that Kolkata Knight Riders will qualify for the play-offs

Shahrukh Khan is hopeful that Kolkata Knight Riders will qualify for the play-offsOwner of the Kolkata Knight Riders, Shahrukh Khan, has said that he is hopeful that his team will qualify for the play-off stage in the current Indian Premier League (IPL).Kolkata is currently at the fourth position on the points table with 14 points after 12 matches, but it is facing a tough competition from the Kings XI Punjab, which seems to be peaking at the right time.The Knight Riders will be up against Pune Warriors tomorrow in a crucial match and Shahrukh's men will have to win this encounter in order to cement their chances of qualifying for the play-offs.Shahrukh admitted that the match against Pune is a big game and it is imperative for Kolkata to win it. The superstar confessed that he is worried about his team's chances. He was disappointed that Kolkata's match against Bangalore was shortened due to rain and claimed that his team will qualify for the next round if the…

Shahrukh had a crush on Mumtaz, Saira Bano

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan, who has an enviable female fan following, confesses to having a crush on yesteryear actresses - Mumtaz and Saira Bano. "My first two crushes have been Mumtazji and Sairaji. Now I address them with a 'ji'. I always felt that they were the most beautiful ladies in the world. My father used to find Madhubalaji very beautiful," Shah Rukh told reporters here at the sidelines of the music launch of his upcoming production movie 'Always Kabhi Kabhi'. The actor said that he used to shake a leg when he heard songs picturised on the two actresses. "I remember Sairaji's 'Bhai Batur'. She was in a tub in the video. Even I would get into a tub and dance. Then there was Mumtazji's 'Chakke Mein Chakka'," he said. Asked if he had a crush on any of the actresses from the current league, Shahrukh, known for his witty answers said, "Times have changed. Now the girls have crushes on me." …

The objects of SRK’s affection

You should feel proud of yourself as Kolkata Knight Riders are performing very well…
That Yusuf and Gambhir should feel. I will feel so after Ra.One.
Talking about Kolkata Knight Riders, tomorrow is a big match.There will be "Dada v/s the KKR team." It is a big pressure on you. How are you going to deal with it?
I don't feel that the match is against a person. One team is going to play against another team. It's very important for us to win the match and, inshallah, the whole team is prepared for it.
We read that you organized a party and invited Dada (Ganguly), but he did not attend it. Your comments?
The party was organized for the KKR team. It has been misconstrued. I had invited my cricket team and some of my friends to my house, because this was the first occasion that I had the KKR team for three days in our town. Thankfully, all the guests that I had invited were present at the party.
It is said that imitation is the best form of flattery. There is a sto…

I still cry and get stressed: SRK

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who has transcended geographical boundaries and won hearts of millions with his charismatic screen presence, says he doesn't consider himself a star.

"The reason I say I am not a star is because I am completely human. I still cry, I still laugh, I crack jokes, I get stressed, I feel disturbed but I think you people love me so much because I could be human," he told reporters Wednesday at the music launch of his latest production "Always Kabhi Kabhi", releasing June 17. "Even though I have this pedestal where I stand which says I am a big star but actually I am nobody till I work hard to make you smile," added the 45-year-old. To give a Midas touch to the film, Shah Rukh has appeared in a promotional song of the film "Always Kabhi Kabhi". "It's not an item number. It's the beginning of the film.

The music and the lyrics of course make it a peppy number," he clarified. This directorial debut of Rosha…

KKR has nothing against Dada: SRK

As Shah Rukh Khan's IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders gets ready to take on Pune Warriors on Thursday, SRK makes it clear that he or his team has nothing against Dada.

Sourav Ganguly, who has been a part of KKR ever since Indian Premiere League began, was incidentally left out from the team this season. Dada then joined the Pune Warriors and now, all eyes are on the SRK and Dada face off on 19th May.

However, when quizzed if SRK's hoping to defeat Dada at the match, Shah Rukh said, "I or my team has nothing against Dada. We don't play as individuals but play as a team and our target is to win against a team, not against a particular person."
King Khan further added, "And yes, of course I am hoping that KKR wins this match and secures a place in the Semi -finals. The team is all geared up and inshaallah it will win too."

It was recently reported that SRK has invited Dada at his Mannat bash but the latter failed to make it. However, SRK denied inviting Sourav …

SRK moves from Dard-e-Disco to Bharatnatyam

King Khan adds a southern touch to his dream production with the song 'Chamak Chalo' Cut-throat competition in the Indian film industry has led the biggies of Bollywood to get on with some experimentation. With Salman Khan stunning the audience with the remakes of southern hits we have Shah Rukh Khan adding the southern flavour to his movie.

'Ra.One' is Badshah Khan's dream production and he is doing everything possible to make it the biggest hit of the century. After the high profile special effects for the film, next on block is SRK himself performing Bharatnatyam in the movie.

Choreographed by Ganesh Hegde the song is SRK' first attempt with this classical dance form. "This is for the first time in his career that Shah Rukh will perform Bharatnatyam. He always wanted to try Bharatnatyam and 'Ra.One' offered the perfect opportunity," says Ganesh.

The song features the lead pair, Shah Rukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor dance on the beats of Bharatnatya…

Shahrukh Khan injured, skips performance

'Kuch Paane Ke Liye Kuch Khona Padata Hai', SRK's celebrated dialogue seems to be taken quite seriously by the star himself. SRK is injured and the kind of professional he is, the star didn't miss the music launch of 'Always Kabhi Kabhi'.

On talking about his injury, he said, "Nothing macho happened but my leg got twisted. I would have been happy to tell you that it happened during shooting for '' or 'Don 2' but nothing like that. It will take seven to eight days for me to recover."

The actor was supposed to perform with the new star cast of the film but couldn't do so because of his injury. SRK didn't forget to mention it to everyone present over there to watch the film so it boosts the morale of the new generation. 

So, SRK like a true producer didn't even invest his money behind a project but is making sure that everything falls in place!
Source: TOI

‘I am working hard to regain weight’ - SRK speaks on his recent visit to bangalore

The kings are known for creating an aura around them through sheer intrigue. Bollywood's King Khan is no different. His visit to the City recently for the IPL match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Royal Challengers Bangalore too was steeped in mystery.
There was no clear brief on whether he would come or if he would, when he would arrive. Each cop had his own timing on when SRK had checked into ITC Gardenia and had their own tales to tell.

The heightened security around Chinnaswamy Stadium was the only indication that Khan would indeed be around. But for more than an hour after the match started, there was no sign of the king in the stands. And boy, when he arrived there was an electrifying buzz that only true blood can yield.  

SRK's retinue was in full strength. Bouncers were big enough not to even let a fly buzz past. A sea of people gathered at the VVIP lounge just to get a glimpse, click a picture and perhaps even touch King Khan.

After a lot of pushing and …

Yash Chopra signs AR Rahman to compose music for his forthcoming film starring Shah Rukh KhanA R Rahman will soon compose music for one of Yash Chopra's upcoming films which has Shahrukh Khan

A R Rahman will soon compose music for one of Yash Chopra's upcoming films which has Shahrukh Khan in lead role.

Yash Chopra is going to direct a Hindi film after seven years and he immediately signed up A R Rahman for his upcoming film. This is the first time that Yash Chopra and A R Rahman are going to work together. His last film was Veer Zaara, which released in 2004.In the past Rahman had composed music for two of Shahrukh's film - One 2 ka 4 and Swades.

The story and other details about Shahrukh-Yash Chopra's film have been kept under wraps. Once the script is finalized, more details are expected to be revealed. For now, all we know is that the film is going to have two heroines and will take off later this year.


There’s always a first time

Yash Chopra signs AR Rahman to compose music for his forthcoming film starring Shah Rukh KhanYash Chopra, who will be directing a film after seven long years, has gone ahead and done something that nobody could think of.

The filmmaker has signed AR Rahman for his next directorial venture. This will be the first time the Oscar winning composer would be lending tunes to a Yash Chopra film in his career spanning 20 long years.

Our source revealed, "Yash Chopra has been a part of the industry for the last 50 years and YRF Films have ruled Bollywood over the last 40 years. However, this will be the first time the two iconic talents will come together.

While details of Yashji's film are still being kept under wraps, it is clear that it will be Shah Rukh Khan who'll indeed be a part of the project."

Chopra himself was all praises for the composer. "I am starting work on the music of my film which is yet untitled with AR Rahman.

Apart from the great honour that …

Masters of illusion

The film's release is still months away, but the trailer has already created a buzz. And judging by the trailer, whatever the final commercial and critical verdict on Shah Rukh Khan's forthcoming science fiction Ra.One, it will go down in Indian film history as the movie which has used computer generated visual effects footage the most in Indian cinema so far, putting even last year's Rajinikanth blockbuster Enthiran or Robot in the shade.

Hardly any of those who have seen the trailer are discussing Khan's looks or his performance in Ra.One, short for Random Access - Version 1.0, or the plot. Everyone is gushing about the film's visual effects, or VFX. Even Hollywood is impressed. "New minute of Captain America visuals pales in comparison to the 10-second Ra. One teaser," says Movieline, an international website that reviews film trailers. So too director Shekhar Kapur, whose Mr India made in 1987 was one of the first Indian films to use VFX, tw…