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Interview:Shah Rukh wants to quit smoking

Why is the villain of the film called Ra.One and the superhero G.One?
Ra.One (pronounced as Ravan) isRandom Access: Version One. But it also stands for a bad or negative person made with ten of the worse…you can mythologically connect it toRavaanand his ten heads. G.One (pronounced as Jeevan) is the life giver, the one I am playing.
Why did you name the film after a villain?
Many of my friends, including Karan (Johar) and Adi (Aditya Chopra) told me to name the film asG.One. But whenever I have seen a superhero or larger-than-life film, includingSholay(I am not comparing…choti muuh bari maat) orMr India, that has superheroic characters like Jai-Veeru or Mr India, the negative character also goes big…take Gabbar Singh, Mogambo, Shakaal. The villain is so big that we need a superhero to defeat him. So I thought keeping the villain's name as title will be a bit different. I know people were a bit confused as they thought Shah Rukh is playingRa.One. But it's not so. Ra.Oneis evi…

Shah Rukh Khan gets royal treatment from IIFA organisers

Shah Rukh Khan There were a lot of stars at the film award function held recently in Toronto, but actor Shah Rukh Khan was given a preferential treatment above everybody else.While every other actor was lodged in a downtown hotel in Toronto, Khan was put up at the best suite in one of the topmost hotels there."He was given the best suite and there was special staff posted for him both for the awards and the hotel. Shah Rukh had also flown in with his own staff and they were all lodged along with him," says a source.There was also a special task force formed by the organisers that was supposed to look after Khan exclusively. "There was no brief for them, except to 'standby and wait for anything that he wants'.Khanbriefly had some problem with the taps in his bathroom (he later said that he got confused between the hot and cold water taps in the shower) but overall he seemed to have enjoyed the stay," the source adds.Though there were some reports…